Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Always ready

Hi guys,

It is 8 a.m. here on the day before Thanksgiving. I have about an hour when I have to log off and get ready to go to work. So right now I am giving some quality time for my best buddy, my circumcised penis in mostly a tumescent state in one of my new white men's large C-IN2 jockstraps. These jockstraps are absolutely awesome because they are in soft 100% cotton with feels so sensuous against my manhood. He's in bliss reveling in the sweet sensations that this jockstrap delivers to him, especially his pulsating glans which is oozing out a stream of precum. Damn, it's been so long, buddy!!! I ordered whole bunch of these athletic supporters last night from According to HisRoom, C-IN2 no. 1025 jockstrap has a "single layered jersey pouch [with] a flat stitch center flat seam" which adds spice to the soft, sensuous 100% cotton fabric caressing my mostly erect circed penis and oozing glans.

"Always ready" is how I describe the human male penis. We don't have a stiffening bone in our penises as in many animals such as canines. So our penises "hang down" when not in sexual uses. The penis serves two uses: (1) as a conduit to expel urine from our bladders. So males can stand erect, unzip their pants, and piss into the toilet bowl. That makes for great convenience especially when you are on the run, and(2)as the genital organ of procreation in coitus or by himself in sexual gratification, self-love and self-pleasure which is the essence of masturbation.

Males have described their penises as weapons. In the sense, the male phallus resembles a gun or a cannon, or better still a missile. Some guys love the sexually term, "crotch rocket", which even to me is a turn on. Now a gun, pistol, or cannon are naturally symbols of power in what they do. They fire, they shoot. Guys enjoy using the term shooting when they describe ejaculation of semen. Yes, I enjoy that expression too because it fills me with lust. But many guys enjoy displaying their weapons such as guns, pistols, and rifles. Many hunters enjoy hunting with pump-action rifles. A pump-action rifle is certainly a potent description of how the erect penis actualizes itself in coitus and masturbation. Pump-action is the essence of pelvic thrusts of coitus or stroking in masturbation. These strokes prime the pump for the climax of orgasm and ejaculation of semen, the shooting of thick cum, to take place. However guns, pistols, rifles, and cannons have been always associated with warfare or even self-protection. They are instruments of violence. The penis as weapon also has been associated with crimes of sexual violence, even forced sex in marriage, when in its is marital rape. So that is why I like to use the expression of tool for penis, because males throughout the years have seen their penises as tools of lovemaking, pleasure, and certainly for the purpose of making babies!

Continuation of post written early Thanksgiving morning:

Damn, composition of this post early Wednesday morning got me sexually worked up that I desperately wanted to get my rocks off. So did the best buddy between my legs. But I had to break it off because I had to get ready for work. Shoot!

It is now early Thanksgiving morning, 3:13 a.m. EST to be exact. I had a fairly pleasant day yesterday. The weather was unseasonably mild, so I went to my favorite sandwich shop near my workplace for lunch. A few minutes after my return to the office, our dept. head swung by to say that I was free to leave early ahead of the holiday, which I did at 4 p.m. Early last evening after several hours Web surfing, I went to bed at 9 a.m. as a way to sleep away the stresses of a busy workday.

I love early mornings because they are quiet and still. I reflect, meditate, or right now focus on my RIC'ed penis. I have slipped on that new C-IN2 1025 jock in men's large white. Love the flat seam of the soft 100% cotton jock pouch stimulates my semi-erect penis and oozing glans. There is that sexual ache in my genitals that needs to be satisfied.

To return to our reflection on penis as weapon, yesterday I read a news article about college students wanting to carry concealed weapons, guns on campus. The article described guns as "weapons of deadly force" which is true because police use that expression all the time. Likewise, the expression of "packing power" is description of carrying a concealed weapon, such as a gun. It is certainly descriptive of a guy's penis concealed in his pants or trousers, his crotch rocket.

Now the penis is a certainly a crotch rocket, a missile. Both the U.S. and the former Soviet Union, along with some other countries, which had nuclear weapons, either had ICBM's (Inter-Continental Ballistic Missiles) which either were portable or stored in missile silos. A portable missile would be carried about on a launcher by a truck, much in the same fashion as an 18-wheeler. Such missiles could be also be prepared for launch quickly. The same could be a man's penis. Even subtle or very slight sexual stimuli can cause not only the erection but also the launch his crotch rocket for sexual activity. Now for some loving!

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