Friday, November 9, 2007

There is power in Penis

Hi guys,

In recent years, especially since entering middle age, I have been interested in the concept of power. Power, of which energy is a major component, drives the universe. If there was no power, the universe would cease to exist.

We need energy and power to live. It is also a fact of life that human society is organized and run by lines of power and authority. It is because we are social animals. Now there is good and bad power. I will not dwell on this aspect because we all know this from our personal affairs and news events what power is all about.

But there is a power which resides in the male. Most men know this quite well. It resides in his penis. The penis along with the testicles and the rest of the supporting sexual apparatus is the organ of procreation. Hence the penis is alive with creative power. Sexual hunger while they may be placed upon a significant other ends up or is centered in a guy's penis. That is why he has erections which demand his attention and why he has coitus and masturbates.

Humans from early times have adored and worshiped the power found in the Penis. The Hindus have Lingams, sacred phalluses, which they worship in some of their temples. It is because couples desire to have success in the sexual act in conceiving babies. What a lofty prayer since they are looking forward to their posterity.

But every guy when he masturbates taps into this vivifying power found in his penis, testicles, prostate, even his loins. This power is filled with pleasure. With every stroke, this power is lively, pleasurable energy which becomes enjoyable in his masturbation. Now a devoted masturbator or jackoff artist will savor each stroke. He will take his sweet time in reaching the summit of a sweet orgasm and ejaculation of semen. That is called edging, riding the edge of ejaculatory inevitability: firm hard strokes coupled with stop-and-go masturbation for as long as possible. And when he cums finally, his orgasm and ejaculation is exquisitely sweet and powerful beyond measure as he pumps out a load of thick, creamy semen.

I really believe that circumcised guys have certain advantages denied to their uncircumcised brothers. One is the fact that their penis has been finely sculpted by circumcision, "retooled" as I would say. It has been said that many RIC'ed guys, particularly if they are married and straight don't give a second thought to their penis. That might be so, but a dedicated masturbator, who is into the sport of masturbation, transcends sexual orientation. I am a living example of a RIC'ed guy who from puberty who has explored thoroughly the textures of pleasure found not only in my glans but also in my penile shaft. But every time, I pork off I discover something new about my best buddy. He shows me the way. So when I am thoroughly in the bate, my entire sexual apparatus (glans, penile shaft, testicles, prostate and subsidiary organs) is fully engaged and suffused with sexual pleasure.

I would love to hear from other guys their thoughts on Penis power and how they enjoy jacking their circed penises.

Take care.

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