Friday, November 9, 2007

It's been a long time, buddy!!!

Hi guys,

Gee, a good two weeks have sped by and now we are in November! We had until recently a rather mild autumn, almost summerlike. Until a week ago I was able to wear my Under Armour HeatGear T-shirts, but now the weather appears to be veering towards winter! Already I hear subliminal messages everywhere of the approaching Christmas, actually shopping season which is only a couple weeks ago.

Yes, it has been long, guys, in my submitting of posts for this log devoted to glories of RIC'ed masturbation and the athletic gear fetishes that fuel at times my sexual randiness.

But now I am addressing directly my good buddy, who is engorged in sexual expectancy, oozing precum as I caress him. I say, "It's been a long time, buddy!!! Our times together recently have been few and far between, but now I can spend some quality time with you and this blog, since I am on vacation today. Yeah!!!"

This morning it is warm and cozy in my apartment, although it is in the 30's outside. I am wearing sweats right now, although my sweatpants and my Munsingwear Kangaroo Pouch briefs are pulled down to my hairy thighs. My RIC'ed penis is tumescent at half-staff while I give him so loving caresses.

A day or so ago, there was posted a very interesting post entitled "Sexual Sensitivity" on the Google groups Circlist.

I post here my contribution to that thread:

"Hi Tom, you wrote:

"I'd also suggest that you pay attention to stimulating the underside of your shaft as well as you glans. The glans and the tissue surrounding the urethra (the corpus spongiosum) are a single structure, and stimulating them both can be very arousing."

"I would like to respond to this thread. While I realize that this group is devoted to male circumcision, perhaps the best way to a newly circed guy to become reintroduced to his reconfigured (or "retooled") penis (once he has healed perhaps a good month or so after the procedure) is through masturbation. I believe that masturbation, along with sex, is hardwired into our male psyches and bodies because most males of all ages, circed and uncirced, love to masturbate. Having a loving sex partner is also helpful in having a guy explore fully the sexual dimensions of newly circed penis.

" has a helpful, yet "graphic" drawing, which shows vividly what Tom is driving at:

"The male penis is composed of two Corpus Cavernosum [Corpora Cavernosa] which fill with blood during sexual arousal and cause erection and the Corpus Spangiosum (the tissue surrounding the urethra) running from the glans to the Bulbospongiosus Muscle which according to "contributes [to] erection, ejaculation, and feelings of orgasm".

"Of course, the prostate and surrounding sexual organs are very much part of the mechanics of orgasm and ejaculation of semen. The wikipedia article gives a detailed account of all this:

"I know that what I have written here sounds clinical, but having such information and diagrams in mind can enhance one's masturbatory experience of the circed penis."

My penis and I are excited in all this information and also the diagrams. It fuels our sexual horniness for a rich and pleasureable masturbation.

Take care, guys.

Thom. in DC

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