Friday, November 9, 2007

More on porking off

Hi guys,

Damn! My RIC'ed penis and I are having such a good time this morning that for the last couple hours typing entries for this blog, jacking off, and chatting with buds on the Net. But this morning since I am on vacation, he and I are having a very serious date. That means I am not going to get my rocks off for a while yet.

I had mentioned several weeks ago that I learned the expression porking off from my younger brother many years ago when I was entering adolescence and he was not far behind. He said that porking off meant jacking off, masturbating to orgasm and ejaculation. He learned that expression, so he said, from classmates in school.

Here is what I have submitted today to


"Pork off as a verb means to masturbate to climax, complete with orgasm and ejaculation of semen among males.

"Pork off as a noun means cum, ejaculate, semen.


"Oh, you are porking off, said to me by younger brother, when I was masturbating and emitting pre-ejaculate (precum) from my glans penis. I was a few months away from my first, true masturbation to orgasm, with a spectacular ejaculation of semen (cum).

"Oh, you have pork off (but that was precum) on your belly, so my brother said, but that was before I achieved masturbation with orgasm, complete with [pork off], cum, semen.

"I heard these two expressions from my younger brother as I was entering adolescence and he not far behind. We were engaging in innocent sexual play then.

"Synonyms: Masturbation, Jacking off, Beating off, Beating the meat, Semen, Ejaculate, Cum, Related to pork a woman/man, coitus, fucking, sexual congress."

Completion of post, Sunday afternoon, November 18.

I submitted my new definitions of porking off, both verb and noun, to on November 9. My post is still under review. I don't know why it is taking so long.

Since then I have had a several hot chats with guys on mIRC and on porking off. A gay guy on in the Jock Zone chatroom told me that he too learned this expression as an adolescent. He told me that he enjoys porking other guys, fucking them. And porking off for him is the same as masturbation, jacking off, beating the meat, etc.

A bisexual guy near my age tells me that he loves to pork both mouth and ass, I guess mostly of guys, although I suppose women enjoy sucking his cock. Yes, porking off for him means jacking off, masturbation to climax complete with orgasm and ejaculation of semen!

Perhaps the most amazing chat on this topic occurred with a 19 yo guy who told me that porking off for him is a sustained or continuous sexual orgasm, if that is possible. Perhaps more realistic is a sexual high or nirvana (I hope my Vedanta friends don't take offense at this, a Sexual Samadhi or absorption into Penis through continuous masturbation with sustained edging). Many young guys (I mean guys at the threshold of masculine maturity at age 21) or even sex athletes (jackoff artists) can have a series of orgasms, perhaps with multiple ejaculations of semen, if that is possible in a marathon jack off session :-)

Both pork and pork off have an active, virile meaning of male sexual expression. To pork a woman or man does not mean rape, at least I hope. It just means a powerful, dynamic fuck which brings powerful and fulfilling pleasure to both fucker and fuckee. Likewise, to pork off is an absolutely powerful and active masturbation session in which a man experiences absolute sexual bliss through his penis and exults in his rejuvenating virility.

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