Sunday, November 18, 2007

Tools, Tooling, Retooled, and Circumcision

Hi guys,

I guess this will be my last entry for today in this blog. I haven't been so sexually hot in a real, long time as I have been this afternoon typing my thoughts on topics that really turn me on: Circumcision, jocks and cups, penis, glans teasing, masturbation, fucking, cock sucking, etc., etc.

It is interesting to reflect on how many guys consider there penis as a tool. I suppose men and boys throughout the centuries of human civilization have been employed in some trade or other, making things with tools. It is said that the higher primates have made and used tools for even the last few years. Humans have made and used tools to their advantage in creating civilization and societies as we know them now.

So most guys from their boyhood have experienced their penis as a tool primarily of sexual pleasure first to himself and then later on in giving pleasure to his sexual partners. So the penis has been considered as a very powerful tool because it is the organ of active procreation. In Hinduism, the male phallus has been worshiped as a sacred lingam in its temples because couples asked the divinity in such to aid in their conception of children. This was brought out in one of my recent posts.

Circumcision is helpful in producing a "well tooled" penis. As I stated a couple months ago, "An uncircumcised penis is a diamond in the rough, whereas the circumcised penis is a carefully wrought diamond that sparkles in the light." From my reading of the various circumcision groups on the web, many women prefer a "clean cut" circumcised penis because it is clean without the encumbrance of foreskin. One of my adult circumcised buddies on the web told me that he loves his circed penis because it no longer smells. RIC [Routine Infant Circumcision] gained ascendancy here in the USA among many doctors and parents in later nineteenth century for its hygienic benefits (although as I said in previous posts of this blog, it was practiced to deaden the sensitivity in young males conducive to masturbation).

Finally the word tooling has an active meaning, namely the activity that occurs with a tool, usually in manufacturing. Tooling with your penis has a potent and active (certainly alive) meaning in fucking or jacking off, or to use even more potent language, explored at length in a post earlier today, porking or porking off, the goal of these posts today in going all the way with my penis this evening. It's been so long, buddy! Maybe he's saying that to me. Hint, hint! :-) However both tool and tooling call for further exploration. I invite those who read my blog to add their insights and comments.

Take care, guys. Have a good "short" work week and a great Thanksgiving.

Afterthought: I forgot to add the word "retooled" to this post. That is what a tool that has been done over or reshaped for more efficient use. That is what circumcision is all about: It gives the male a reshaped penis that is pleasant to the eyes, especially in the erect state. Nothing can be so beautiful as an erect circumcised penis with a glans flared, ready for action, pulsating, oozing precum. It captivates the one, male or female, for the act of sexual congress, coitus, a good, hard pork. And the erect, circumcised penis fills its owner with pleasure, I mean sweet, erotic pleasure of inserting his organ into a ready orifice, for a sweet, hard fuck. Or to oblige himself in leisurely, long masturbation session with lots of edging to an intense pork off resulting in a sweet orgasm and ejaculation of copious load of creamy semen!

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