Sunday, November 18, 2007

C-IN2 no. 1025 jocks

Hi guys,

Recently I discovered a new brand of jockstrap through the help of Chaz Antonelli's Yahoo group circumsex. Some guy, perhaps it was Chaz himself, who posted a real hot pic of a circed guy wearing a C-IN2 no. 1025 jockstrap. The guy was wellhung and the C-IN2 jock displayed his circed glans. I told myself that I must buy some of these jocks. So I ordered a eight of these jocks in men's large: 4 in classic white, 2 in grey, and 2 in black. These athletic supporters are absolutely hot. The jock has a 100% cotton pouch and soft microfiber waistband and legstraps. Right now I am wearing one in gray. Actually this jock is in heather gray and has the texture of sweats. I am so sexually excited that the jock pouch is damp from precum. I guess my RIC'ed penis and his two bros are telling me that they want some loving this afternoon. So I am getting ready to oblige them of the date I have denied them so long. When I guy desperately wants sex, his penis and testicles are throbbing for some loving attention.

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