Saturday, October 6, 2007

Circed glans stimulation

Hi guys,

I posted the text below on circed glans stimulation a few minutes ago on the Yahoo group Circumsexual. Hope you enjoy:

This is a superhot thread, guys. And my penis is jutting up rockhard and excited out of my pubic bush.

I am a RIC'ed baby boomer as were most of my contemporaries in my hometown in CT. It's been said that most RIC's don't give a second thought about their penises which is a big shame, whereas guys circumcised as teens or adults do. I would think that getting circumcised either as a teen when you are entering adult sexual consciousness, or as an adult and alert doing the procedure would be life changing event, something you never forget.

Glans stimulation (glans teasing, as I call it) along with masturbation is a great way for a recently circed guy to reconnect with his penis. Glans stimulation, along with jacking off, is a wonderful way for RIC's to develop vibrant penis consciousness.

The glans (mushroom, knob, helmet, cockhead, all delicious terms)is jam packed with nerves. That is why it is so sensitive, even in cut guys. That is the glans delivers such delicious pleasure.

Generally I like to deliver to touch lightly the various parts of my glans. I also caress it and I must it is a form of foreplay for the main course of masturbation. The most sensitive areas of my glans are the glans rim or flange and the groove which runs from the glans meatus (piss/cumslit) to the frenulear area on the glans underside. Like many guys, when I actually beat my meat, I refrain from touching my glans because that would trigger my orgasm and ejaculation. Of course, glans stimulation during edging is great, but calls for great self-control. Many times however I stimulate my glans when I want to bring my rocks off.

Another great way for glans stimulation (and I speak from experience) is to wear a jockstrap (with an athletic cup, if you wish) or a pair of compression shorts, or even underwear with microfiber fabric. A poroknit mesh jockstrap not only supports firmly a guy's penis and testicles, but also stimulates his glans. Try it. You'll like it.


--- In, "Stephen" wrote:
> Hey Guys:
> Just wanted to touch on the aspect of glans stimulation and
> sensitivity with circumcised guys. I am circumcised and my knob can
> take a hell of a rubbin. I really love to work my helmet when I
> jerk. Are there any other guys out there that really get off on
> working their glans? I noticed that many cut guys when jerking wont
> put a lot of direct stimulation on their helmets. I can get off that
> way but the orgasm with intense glans stimulation is much more intense.
> Steve

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