Monday, October 8, 2007

Columbus Day Afternoon heat

Hi guys,

I woke up feeling at my accustomed hour at 6 a.m. real horny with a boner that had a sweet zing to it. This sweet zing was centered in my glans but radiated through my pulsating penis to my testicles and prostate. Hot! But I had to run some errands soon after, so I had to postpone a masturbation session until now this afternoon. It is a early warm Columbus Day afternoon here in DC, actually on its way to getting hot. Washington, DC is infamous for its hot, sultry climate which begins in earnest in May and lasts at least until September, sometimes October. This heat, at times fierce, saps even healthy people of their accustomed strength and makes them languid and listless, even with the wonders of modern-day air conditioning.

There is another heat, that of the sexual impulse, that most males experience almost every day. It is centered in their loins and groin, but finds its most powerful or noticeable expression in the erections that many sexual alert males experience almost every day of their lives, especially when they are in good health. The Good Lord has given us this heat, this sexual vibrancy and impulse, ultimately for the procreation of the human species, in sexual congress with receptive females, ideally (and ethically) with lifelong mates, wives in the bond of Holy Matrimony. I mean the rhetoric one hears all too often these days here in the USA, "One man and one woman."

I hate to sound sexist and chauvinistic, but I think it is true. It is far more common for the male to be a live wire when it comes to this sexual impulse, this sexual heat, than most females. Males from adolescence on are more likely to have sex on their minds, to have a sex consciousness, than most females. All this points to the difference of sexual equipment between males and females. As I have said in previous posts in this blog, the Good Lord has made the male penis to penetrate the female vagina to further the propagation of the human species. Through sexual intercourse, fucking, the male deposits his semen at the cervix of the female in her vagina at the climax of orgasm and ejaculation. Hopefully the proficient male lover will take his female partner along on the climb to the summit of the sexual act.

However in our modern era, we humans are more imaginative in matters of sex and lovemaking. The female may take the dominant role in her making love with her male partner. Then we have to take into account both gay and lesbian sexual relations.

But still, the sexual impulse in males is much more noticeable than in females. That is why, even here in the good ole USA, males generally, gays specifically, are more apt to be condemned as deviants more than females generally, lesbians specifically.

That is why the sexual impulse in the male is so undeniable. A sexual hot guy is sometimes described as a horndog. A horndog is a male dog that desperately wants sex with a bitch. Thus the male who masturbates is celebrating his God given gift for sex and masturbation.

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