Monday, October 22, 2007

Monday morning pork off -- LIFE

Hi guys,

Today is Monday morning and I am celebrating with a day of scheduled day of schedule leave away from work. What better way than to celebrate with a leisurely masturbation session. Yesterday David Hamilton posted some really hot pics of a real hot stud named Ulrich. He is a circumcised guy in his twenties, an All American stud. Several of his pics showed him masturbating. So I added a post saying that Ulrich is really into his penis. David rejoined by saying that Ulrich is into LIFE.

When a guy is in his 20's as Ulrich seems to be, he has his life still pretty much ahead of him. As you get older, LIFE becomes fraught with societal, work, even religious demands. And included in LIFE is death which all of us must face every day.

But LIFE is filled with fun if you allow it. That includes sex and masturbation. Now for some serious masturbation, beating meat, beating or jacking off, or as my younger brother used to say, porking off. Enjoy life!

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