Saturday, October 13, 2007

A RIC'ed sexual daze

Hi guys,

Today Saturday, after running errands in the morning, I returned home early afternoon and have been in a sexual daze ever since. I think many males at times feel this way, especially when they are horny and want some sex. That is natural in most normal males.

Most males in American society live normal, respectable lives. Most young boys and teenage males go to school and try to do well in their studies. Most older boys will participate in extracurricular activities and sports and also date the opposite sex. Such activities are approved by the mores of American society. Unfortunately, for young gay guys this is not so. They have to wait until they reach of the age of 18 and leave home for lives of their own.

Most males when they reach maturity or even younger pursue a career or trade. College and trade school prepare them for such. So most respectable males will ordinarily work a forty hour week, usually Monday through Friday. Saturdays and Sundays are days away from the office for rest and recreation and for doing shopping and housecleaning.

Generally it has been shown that young males from adolescence into their twenties will either masturbate or have sexual relations with his S.O. almost daily. That lessens to once a week or once every other week as he enters his fifties. That has been my experience.

But still there is that omnipresent sexual consciousness which every healthy male experiences every day. This sexual consciousness may be submerged during the workday, but still there are subtle stimuli which excite the male sexually even a little most days. But still the sexual impulse may build up to manifest in an overriding horniness which must be satisfied.

That has been my experience today. Thank God for the sanctuary of my apartment, a safe place for me to experience a RIC'ed sexual daze, meditating on the circumcised penises of countless men and my own RIC'ed penis. Now for my Saturday night date with my best buddy.

Take care.

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