Monday, October 8, 2007

Early Columbus Day evening bate date

Hi guys,

After composing the last entry to this blog early this afternoon, I felt drowsy and took a long holiday nap. I laid down on my futon with nothing on except a pair of Munsingwear Kangaroo Pouch briefs. My earlier horniness was subsumed in this beautiful, relaxing nap.

But now it is heading toward sunset and my penis, my best buddy, wants some loving. I am naked right now buck naked with only a black Under Armour men's large cup jockstrap. These jocks can be worn with or without an athletic cup. But my RIC'ed penis is so sleepy that I will wait until later on.

Continuation: I have slipped off the UA jock, much as I like it, and I am entirely buck naked. While typing this section, I am preparing a bowl of Campbell's mushroom soup, heavily fortified with milk, my favorite. This soup resembles semen, cum. I hope you don't get grossed out by this description. But damn, deep down inside, I am horny and want so much a date with my RIC'ed penis. My penis loves this talk and is waking up from his slumber.

I have just prepared the mushroom soup with a can of whole milk and put on the stove at low heat. Somehow my penis even in his repose loves this talk: Milk, cream, semen. Semen which a human male produces is certainly thick and creamy. But its texture and even color varies according to the frequency of sexual congress or masturbation session. If a guy masturbates every day or several times a week, his semen has the consistency of milk, whereas if he masturbates or has sex once a week or even more once every two weeks, his semen may be more copious and have a creamy consistency. Semen is truly the essence of the male, a product of his testicles, prostate, and seminal vesicles. Semen is produced in the heat of passion of sexual congress (fucking) or masturbation in the climax of the ecstasy of orgasm and ejaculation.
Semen has nutrients which enable the spermatozoa to swim to the female egg in a woman's cervix. That is why male semen is so potent.

But it goes much further than this. Both male and female sex organs are called genitals because they procreate for the propagation of the species. That is why sexual activities are so alive, this includes masturbation. Sex if rightly used in lovemaking is pleasurable, powerful for the bonding of sexual partners. This is true for the dedicated masturbator, who looks upon masturbation as a serious date between himself and his body with the penis being a potent sex tool of this bonding.

Males more so than females tend to be graphic in their description of genitals and sexual acts. Their descriptions and terminology used may verge on the vulgar. Sex slang is not used in polite company, but it is used among males in their private, confidential conversations as male bonding. Hence sex slang while vulgar is powerful and descriptive. Most males love to hear sex slang. It makes them glad that they are male. Sex slang if properly used is also a potent aphrodisiac.

Masturbation while not generally used in polite society or even on the airwaves is a neutral term. Jacking off, Beating off, Beating the meat, and the like are both descriptive of the fact that masturbation is a powerful act of self-love. Likewise, fucking, laying pipe, plowing cunt, and the like, are powerful terms of coitus.

When I was eleven and entering puberty, my younger brother and I shared a bedroom at home. For several months, early in the morning during the winter, he and I would get in bed and play with each other. We would feel each other's penis and revel in innocent sex play. Even at this time, when I played with my penis, or he, I would ooze precum. He would say, "Oh, you are porking off". I think he picked that up from his classmates at school, and I think he meant jacking off and cumming. He said so several times. We continued these early morning sessions until I got into high school and achieving sexual maturity in masturbation. By that time, our parents gave us separate bedrooms. My brother and I grew apart from that time. He's straight; I'm gay.

To "pork" a woman is a vulgar, yet potent term for a good, hard fuck. It is the kind of fuck a boar has with a sow to produce a litter of piglets. Hence, the term "porking off" is a good, potent masturbation session which produces a load of thick semen!,


solojo said...

Did a little survey today of other 'bater blogs, and find it interesting that few people 'comment' on the postings. Far too many of them are 'co-ed' which would certainly be off putting to me, but there are a large number of exclusively gay ones as well.
I've been edging 3/4 hours a day for three days in anticipation of a nice session on the weekend. J

Thom in DC said...

Nice to see you again, SoloJo. I got your message to this blog via e-mail about a day ago, but I was too tired to reply to it.

Good luck on your edging sessions. May you have an enjoyable climax on the weekend.

Please cite the best bater blogs you have seen. Thank you.

solojo said...

Check these, these are my current favorites. You can also try The latter has a lot of examples, most are coed and not to my liking. The first two have references to other JO blogs as well.

Anonymous said...

Forgot to mention None of these post daily but are reliable. I suppose even gay men are shy about admitting to the practice of solo-ing, so there is very little in the way of feedback. The masturbation listserv is more likely to have dialogue. Even there you are going to run into coed groups---not a turn on for me.
Have a good weekend. J

Thom in DC said...

Hi SoloJO,

Thank you for all the blogs devoted to male masturbation. Can you provide me with the URL of the masturbation listserv? I was not able to located it on the Net. Take care.

Thom in DC