Thursday, October 4, 2007

Masturbation is so therapeutic

Hi guys,

I have had a hard week engaged in tough love with a good friend of mine (or rather a couple) a few days ago. I had sulked about it the last few days, but tonight my spirits revived and I am getting over it.

There is the another "tough" love, or rather a "hard" love, or even more so, "hard loving" which I am engaging in right now. I got home, kicked off my shoes and took off my clothes. I stripped only to a pair of Munsingwear Kangaroo Pouch briefs. I became sexually aroused looking at absolute hunks of circumcised virile guys at Google groups Circumcised_guys. My RIC'ed penis also got interested and asked to go out into play with me. That did the trick in raising me out of my despondency.

Now I am making love to my RIC'ed penis. He loves every touch, every caress, every stroking, and wants more! So I will oblige him gladly. Now I am on the edge of ejaculatory inevitability.

Now I am beating my meat, with periodic intermissions. Oh damn, it feels so good!

Orgasm and sweet ejaculation of semen! A sweet release of the frustrations of life!

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