Friday, September 28, 2007

Why I am a RIC'ed jock

Hi guys,

Despite the crisis with those frigging window blinds, I am not going to let them ruin the date tonight with my best buddy between my legs. He's just as horny I am for some serious action! Just now I slipped out of my walk shorts and only have on a pair of Munsingwear Kangaroo Pouch briefs and a new black UA Heatgear Full T-shirt. My body has been reveling in these sensations all day today and my penis has been oozing precum the last few hours before our date.

So why am I a RIC'ed jock? Well, I was circumcised as most baby boomers here in the gold, ole USA right after birth in late March 1949. I thank the American medical establishment for making routine infant circumcision (RIC) the matter of course for millions of males since the latter decades of the nineteenth century. Being RIC'ed was just as American as the American flag, the national past time baseball, and apple pie. Since the 1970's, parents have had a greater say whether their infant sons should be circumcised or not. But I count my lucky stars that I was RIC'ed and also because I took after my late dad in the RIC'ed penis department along with similar mushroom glans. Yeah!!!

So why am I RIC'ed jock? It goes back when I saw my dad's Johnson & Johnson Blue Ribbon athletic supporter for the first time hanging above our bathtub at home drying after laundering once a week in the summertime at age eleven. As I said in one or several posts of this blog, my dad was a Little League umpire in our hometown. He wore a jock as part of his uniform, although he should have worn an athletic cup too. My dad wore a men's large and the pouch of his jock was HUGE. At age eleven, I discovered that I was entering puberty with changes in my body, especially in my genitals. My penis was getting large and I was beginning to grow a pubic bush. I also experienced my first erotic erections when I bathed. I was mystified by my dad's jockstrap. It was very different from ordinary underwear because it had a three-inch wide waistband and one-inch leg straps along the poroknit mesh pouch. I knew instinctively that the pouch held and supported the penis and testicles. That is when I also knew it was a highly erotic garment. A year later I had to buy my first jockstrap for 7th grade PE. The coach said that it was a necessary part of our gym uniform. Now being RIC'ed entered intimately and powerfully when I slipped on that jock for the first time. The jock pouch not only supported firmly my penis and testicles but also the poroknit mesh pouch caress my RIC'ed glans. The sensation of this one experience sent me into delirious erotic ecstasy. Slipping on that first jock was a true sexual awakening for me as a male :-) It felt real good!

My penis loves hearing this story. He remembers the sexual excitement of that early fall day. In the weeks and months following, I replicated those erotic feelings by touching and caressing my penis and my glans. These touches and caresses rapidly turned into the serious strokes of masturbation. Then in ninth grade one April evening before bedtime, these strokes went to an entirely new level during which the erotic feelings in my penis suffused my entire body. They grew more insistent, more intense, more sweet, until a tidal wave of sexual pleasure swept over me, and I experienced my first real orgasm and ejaculation of semen! When it happened, it was bewildering, but it felt so good and so right. In the days following that one experience, I tried to replicate that experience, and so became a dedicated masturbator.

My RIC'ed penis is reveling in these sweet memories. I am foundling him and giving him light touches and strokes. He wants so much to get down to the main course of self-sex which is the essence of masturbation, but not yet.

The athletic supporter became an the object of many of my fantasies from that time on, especially during the heady days of adolescence. I imagined the jocks of my high school wearing jockstraps and many did. So did our coaches. So did one of our high school PE coach, Coach Jacobs. He hung his jockstrap on the doorknob of his closet door in his office. Seeing his jock gave me the hornies because I imagined in my mind's eye his RIC'ed penis. Coach Jacobs was a real stud.

Jockstraps as we know them now are a product of the Gilded Age following the Civil War. It was invented in 1874 to support the genitals of male bicyclists. The company that invented the athletic supporter eventually became the BIKE Athletic Company which manufactured the archetypal jock, the BIKE no. 10 Supporter with the Bike Web Logo on the label of the jock. Boys Life Magazine, as I said in an earlier post, carried advertisements of BIKE jocks in the 1950's and 60's. I used to jack off to those ads.

Several decades after the invention of the jockstrap, athletic cups began making their appearance in the early years of the 20th century. First they were made of steel, titanium and other metals. Boxers and baseball players began wearing them. Then just after World War II with the invention of artificial rubber and plastics, the first plastic athletic cups were manufactured. They were the traditional flat variety and in those early postwar years, athletes had to put on rubber gaskets themselves. But the BIKE Web Company in the 1950's began mounting the gaskets on their cups in the initial manufacture. Tip Top Store in my hometown carried the entire BIKE line. They carried BIKE no. 10 jocks, BIKE swimmer jocks, the traditional BIKE flat cups, and even BIKE pads for wrestlers. I used to swoon with horniness when I saw these items in the front window of this store. I wanted to have an athletic cup so bad. In an earlier post, I described how I surmounted my embarrassment. The rest is history.

Now BIKE athletic about 1986 came out with the BIKE CUP no. 85 cup supporter unit. This was a banana cup with a contoured shape to conform to a guy's groin. Most cups have been of this shape since then. It is interesting to know that baseball and softball umpires have brought out similar cups, such as the Original Banana Cup and the UmpCup. They along with the BIKE CUP have served thousands or even millions of athletes in contact sports and the officials that officiate those sports.

The athletic cup by its very design was invented to contain and protect the genitals of the athlete. That is why it is so erotic. I am convinced that the best jockstraps and athletic cups are designed with the erotic dimension in mind. They not only contain and protect the male genitals, but they are comfortable to wear and to any jockhound they feel real good!

My penis is cocked and loaded with sexual desire as I type this post. I am loving him as subtly as possible, but I am delaying our actual lovemaking in going all the way.

Now there is IMHO an athletic cup which is truly archetypal in design and function. It is not well-known except to some serious athletes and jock/cup afficionados such as myself.It was designed by retired MLB great, Mark Littell, who was tired of wearing cups that didn't fit him and was concerned players who didn't wear cups when he was their coach. This cup is truly archetypal in that it has two chambers for the testicles and a chamber for the penis which you wear in the up position. It has an elongated tail which protects under the groin area. I don't think that such inventors of these products have the overt erotic in mind, but the erotic is certain underlies subtly the design of such superb products.

Of course, very few athletes these days compete naked, as the ancient Greeks did. So most athletes wear uniforms. Various athletic attire manufacturers have made athletic clothing which enhance athletic performance with comfort in mind. Under Armour with its use of microfiber fabric makes athletes look good and perform great at sport. That is what athletic competition and expression is all about. True athletics is a celebration of life and health. The true athlete in his person and performance is truly a great human being, a child of God.

That is why I am a RIC'ed jock. I am a baby boomer who has been RIC'ed. The jock side of myself is reflected in my love for jocks, cups, and Under Armour.

Now for that sweet, intense time with my penis in masturbation, going all the way to a sweet, intense orgasm and ejaculation of creamy semen!

Take care. Click on the link to bring up the NuttyBuddy Athletic Cup.

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