Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The BIKE CUP no. 85

Hi guys,

Perhaps one of the best athletic cups I have every worn has been the BIKE CUP no. 85. I posted this true story on Allkink's Jockstrap Memories on his web site.


This is a true story that occurred in April 1986 when the Bike Banana Cup style No. 85 hit the market. I was visiting my dad at our family home in northwestern Connecticut for a two-week vacation at the time. The day before the vacation ended my dad and I visited Torrington, CT to do some shopping along with getting a haircut at the barber shop for me. After the barber shop, I paid a visit to Sportsmen's Paradise, one of the largest sporting goods retail stores and team outfitters in our part of Connecticut. It had been a family-owned business for several generations from at least the 1930s or 40s.

I wanted to celebrate one of the best vacations of my life and a career milestone by going to Sportmen's Paradise to get some new jocks and cups. The store was located near the old railroad tracks in Torrington. It seemed more a warehouse than sporting goods stores you see these days in shopping malls. It was an early Thursday afternoon when I got there, a slow weekday. I was greeted by the store proprietor, the only man on duty, who identified himself as Jim. Jim appeared to be in his forties, in robust health, with the physique of a baseball player.

"Do you carry jocks by Bike?" I asked.

"Yes, Bike University jockstraps" he replied. "I need four." He brought out four of these superbly made supporters and I immediately began to get an erection in my jeans.

By this time, blood was throbbing in my head in nervous excitement, not to mention my erect penis, when I asked, "Do you also have any Bike Cups?" It had been a few years since I bought any athletic cups and all of them were traditional flat cups which were okay but they didn't fit me exactly well.

He said, "Yes, certainly we have them, but recently Bike has come out with an entirely new style of athletic cup which you might like."

I was now nearly delirious with excitement that bordered on the sexual as he brought out a rather huge box containing this new jock and cup. He took one of the jocks and cups out. This cup was absolutely HUGE with a thick rubber gasket and an uncommon banana shape that I had never seen in my life! I was trying to keep a straight face and no nonsense demeanor while my cock and balls were getting ready to cream my pants!

Jim, the salesman, was friendly throughout the transaction and even smiled at my astonishment and excitement. I suppose he has had other customers like me over the years.

Needless to say, when I got home, I immediately I went to my bedroom and tried on this new cup supporter unit. It was love at first sight, perhaps one of the best products Bike Athletic has ever made.

I got many more Bike No. 85 cups and supporters for my collection, and even have given them away as gifts to jock buddies over the years. The End.

After thoughts: Yes, just as in that true story, I went straight to my bedroom to try on this absolutely new cup supporter unit. I was getting hornier and hornier as I opened the box. I hauled out this HUGE banana cup. It was made perfectly for the BIKE cup supporter. I couldn't help myself. I beat my circumcised meat to rapid orgasm and pumped out a HUGE load of thick semen.

This cup supporter unit was the first that I could wear to bed comfortably. Not only was it comfortable, but I also enjoyed humping it in the still of the night. Actually it was a form of BIKE riding. The cup held my three-piece set so perfectly that the texture of the cup jock caressed my glans and frenulear area. I would awake with a sweaty half-hard erection in the morning and ended up most mornings beating off.

I am jacking leisurely as I type this. But I plan to post a couple more articles to post tonight.

Take care.


cut&proud said...

I just discovered your blog and am going to read on. Very interesting!

Thom in DC said...

Thank you, cut & proud, for discovering my proud. Your screen name, cut & proud, has given me a throbbing erection in sweatpants this afternoon and an idea for a new post later today.

Take care,

Thom. in DC