Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Why do guys masturbate? A celebration

Why do guys masturbate? I guess it is like sex in general. Because it feels so good. The Good Lord made sex and masturbation to feel real good as an incentive for the propagation of the species.

My first day back at work went pretty well. I feel optimistic about the future with a solid job prospect coming my way. So my RIC'ed penis began nudging me as my workday wound down. I came home, wrote out my work diary, and then got comfortable by taking off my clothes, and sitting buck naked here before my PC. My apartment is dimly lit, a romantic setting for some lovemaking with my best buddy between my legs. He's been oozing out a steady stream of precum which shows that he is primed for action.

Male infants are known to pop boners. All boys from their earliest years love touching themselves "down there". Most boys also masturbate from their early years. Masturbation, lovemaking, and fucking are natural actions, although a guy as he grows into adulthood perfects and hones his cock strokes, whether masturbating or fucking. Like I said above wove this into our DNA. Likewise fucking is intimate and powerful bonding of sex partners, and masturbation is powerful way for male (or female) to get in touch intimately with his/her own body.

The sexual act usually begins with sexual play known as foreplay. Couples whether straight, gay, or lesbian begin with kissing and caressing each other's bodies. Foreplay lights the sexual fire of passion for the partners. Likewise, foreplay for the masturbator ignites and pours fuel on the fire of sexual passion between a man's legs. Tonight I am taking it slow playing and stroking lightly my erect, circumcised penis. My glans is a flared mushroom knob. At the same time, I am caressing my hairy body: hairy chest, abs, thick pubic bush, shaved ball sac, muscular hairy thighs. Also I am caressing lightly glans, flange, frenulear area, and just my cockshaft.

He loves my adoring attention. But tonight he is willing to have a prolonged session of foreplay before settling down to serious masturbation.

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