Monday, August 27, 2007

I, a RIC'ed jock, love to masturbate

Hi guys,

Today is the last day of my four day vacation away from work. I work up this morning at dawn around 6:15 a.m. I am going to celebrate today. Early last evening a cold front passed through and delivered refreshingly cool and dry weather for the next couple days, getting rid of the high humidity we had over the weekend. Also a job contact got in touch with me late yesterday afternoon with a very strong job lead. So early last evening I filled out application forms and returned them by FAX and e-mail. If all goes to plan, my new job begins October 1. Let's fervently hope this happens!

I was going to blog some late last night in this blog but the excitement and stress of the latest job move yesterday exhausted me. I wanted to masturbate so much, to beat my meat, but even my RIC'ed penis wasn't up for it. So I went to bed.

So I woke up. My RIC'ed penis began to stir. I tussled him affectionately, saying, "Let's get up." But he said, "Let's turn over and go back to sleep." Yeah, I began caressing him, teasing delicately my mushroom glans. Finally, he said, "Ok, let's go out and play!" So here I am here on the Net, and typing this blog. And I am having a slow, leisurely masturbation session. Let me see, I think I am going to ride the edge of ejaculatory inevitability, maybe to noon today. I am going to post several blog articles as I edge blissfully, before I allow myself to go all the way and score in a sweet orgasm with an ejaculation of thick, creamy semen.

I am a RIC'ed jock. I am just your typical baby boomer RIC'ed gay guy who loves to masturbate his circumcised penis. I am also a guy who loves to wear jockstraps and athletic cups, now mostly as a fetish, for promoting enjoyable masturbation sessions. In junior and senior high school, I was a real spasmotic when it came to sports and athletics. In college, I began running and swimming, once during my freshman year on the college cross-country team, so I suppose I became a recreational athlete. Jockstraps, athletic cups, Munsingwear Kangaroo Pouch briefs, Speedo racing trunks, and masturbation enhanced my developing physique and sexual expression.

Right now I am buck naked, my semi-hard penis oozing a stream of precum. Yeah, my best buddy is eager for some loving. But this morning, he and I are going to have a leisurely slow dance to climax.

Afterword written a day later: After two hours of riding the edge of ejaculatory inevitability, I couldn't stand it anymore. I beat my meat to climax and pumped out load of thick, whitish semen. Boy, it felt so good!

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