Sunday, August 19, 2007

The Glans

Hi guys,

Oh dear! It has been a week of adversarial challenges in my workplace, with more to come! Oh, sigh, 'Tis the season! But fortunately I have four days away from my job. Time to reflect, regroup, to work on my job search for something much better, a job without unnecessary intrigue, a job that celebrates my freedom and creativity.

I am so grateful that I am a man. As much as I admire the fair sex and many great women in history, men in present-day American society are given a bum rap. But this doesn't stop me from being a man, from celebrating my virility. And I must say that my penis and his bros between my legs remind me of this every day, even in times of adversity from the fair sex.

The male penis is an amazing organ. It has been constructed to introduce semen to the uterus in a women's vagina.

Both cut and uncut penises are beautiful to look at. In its erect state, the penis is a pillar of strength. But remember my dictum, "The uncut penis is a diamond in the rough, whereas the circumcised penis is a carefully wrought diamond that sparkles in the light."

Every penis is capped with a glans. "Glans" is the Latin word for "acorn". It is true that glans is an acorn shape on a flaccid penis. But when the penis is erect, the glans resembles a mushroom, a knob, a fireman's helmet, or a cockhead. No penis is the same and every glans is unique. This is absolutely fascinating to cockhounds.

Now what is more fascinating is the mechanics of erection in an uncircumcised guy's penis. In most cases, the foreskin retracts thus baring the glans as the guy becomes erect. The glans is a moist pink, in many cases rather sensitive. Many uncircumcised guys have pointed glans when erect. Also, there are quite a few uncircumcised guys whose foreskin does not retract from the glans when erect. Their penises are truly diamonds in the rough. Many uncircumcised guys can retract the foreskins quite easily, but there are others who can't because of phimosis, the condition of a tight, unretractable foreskin. Severe phimosis can cause inflamation of the glans which may require circumcision. And, then there is the problem of smegma and a smelly penis, if the guy is not careful in daily bathing of his uncircumcised organ.

Through circumcision, all the above problems are resolved. The glans is forever free of the strictures of the foreskin, and the guy is RIC'ed early in life, his glans will truly become a mushroom. Yum! Just thinking about all this is enough to get me horny! Some people say that the glans after circumcision loses its sensitivity. That might be so. But devoted circumcised masturbator can discover a myriad of ways how his glans is certainly a pleasure center.

The glans is truly an amazing part of the penis. It flares out as the penis becomes rockhard in erection. And its shape makes for easily insertion into a woman's vagina. Every glans has a meatus, a piss/cumslit. Hence it is well suited for depositing semen at a woman's uterus. Also, it has been said that the glans acts a stopper from the semen running easily out of a woman's vagina.

But most of all, the glans is jam-packed with nerve cells to give a man intense pleasure as he masturbates or engages in coitus. I believe the serious masturbator is forever fascinated in what the glans can do for him in the delivery of the sweetest pleasure which is the heart of the sexual experience. Many guys, including myself, revel endlessly in the gradations of pleasure found in the glans. Generally the most sensitive areas of my glans are the rim of my glans flange and the groove that runs down from the meatus to the frenulear area (where my frenulum was excised when I was RIC'ed) on the underside of my glans. Now the cap of my glans is also sensitive and on the underside of my glans where the groove runs between are the double lobes of my glans. All guys have this general anatomy in their glans.

I hope I haven't bored you with this intensely graphic and detailed description of the glans. But my penis is eating all this up with a pulsating erection and oozing a generous amount of precum.

Most guys say that the frenulear area (where the frenulum was excised on most circumcised guys) is just as or even more sensitive than the glans. Many guys say that the frenulear area is their "sweet spot", "love spot", or even "G-spot." Also a lot of circed guys say that their circumcision scars (even years after their being circed) are also sensitive.

All this goes to prove that the penis is truly a pleasure instrument delivering sexual bliss both to its owner and to his sexual partner. Many guys, myself included, enjoy stimulating their glans at the beginning of their masturbation sessions. And then they refrain from touching the glans when they are beating their meat because one careless touch will trigger their orgasm and ejaculation. All experienced masturbators from their boyhood years learn techniques of riding the edge of ejaculatory inevitability through stop-and-go techniques. Such guys become great lovers with their partners in bed from of such practice at achieving endurance in marathon masturbation.

I return to my model of the male sexual apparatus being the Axis of Male Sexual Pleasure. I believe that the glans acts as a spark plug in sex. Pleasure originates in the glans, travels down the shaft of the penis, and ends up in the prostate, where the path of pleasure is returned to the glans. It is this up-and-down motion, over and over again, that is the essence of masturbation and fucking.

Anyway think about what I wrote above. I would love to hear from other guys about their glans and how it makes them feel good. Well, just now, I had an exquisitely sweet orgasm and copious ejaculation of thick semen.

Take care,

Thom. in DC

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Johnny said...

My glans feels amazing when stimulated. When I'm really hard and aroused it can turn a royal purple color and it seems to flare up like a magic mushroom. My glans flares like a fireman helmet, having been freed to swell after I was circumcised as a baby. Regardless of what people say about desensitivity, my glans is wildly sensitive still and I can only take direct stimulation of it for a few seconds before it borders on painful. So when I jack off I stimulate my frenulum, left over from my circumcision, and, wrapping my fist around the shaft of my cut dick, pound my cock from my circumcision scar to the flared ridge of my throbbing cock head. Doesn't take long before my seed is everywhere. It's good to be a man ;)