Sunday, August 12, 2007

My aids or tools for masturbation

Hi guys,

Damn! Just writing this blog on masturbation is enough to make me horny!!! Of course, my circumcised penis loves hearing all this talk. He wants in on the pleasure. In my previous posts I have spoken about the Male Axis of Sexual Pleasure. Every guy has one. The Creator has given each of one of us to use it for maximum use for bonding activities and for the propagation of the human species. Of course, human society from early times has given us boundaries for its legitimate use. When you are single and unattached as I am (to everybody I am a confirmed bachelor), in the privacy of my apartment I have a great deal of freedom to enjoy my circumcised penis in the pleasures and explorations of masturbation.

Anyway I came of age in the mid to late 1960's in times that were restrictive even in Northwestern Connecticut where I was born and raised. As a teenager and as a neophyte masturbator, I became conscious of underwear styles and what I wanted against my privates.
Fortunately it was briefs that I wore from my boyhood. I never took to boxers. The brand brief that I wore was the Hanes white classic brief. They were ok for starters.

Our parents took us boys to a men's and boys' clothing store in Torrington CT. It was there that I saw what I wanted. Getting that very first Johnson & Johnson Coach jockstrap enabled me to narrow my sights. Two magazines helped me in my choice. Boys Life Magazine in the early 60's ran advertisements for BIKE athletic supporters. That was in the heyday of the classic BIKE wheel logo No. 10 jockstrap. Esquire Magazine had ads for Jockey and Munsingwear underwear. They were the eye-grabbing Jockey Y-front Classic briefs and Munsingwear Kangaroo Pouch briefs. Well this store carried both these briefs and the BIKE no. 10 jocks. I wanted all three, but I was afraid to ask. Also the store carrying toy and sporting goods in my hometown carried the entire BIKE line, including, BIKE no. 10 jocks, BIKE swimmer jocks and the traditional BIKE flat cup supporter. But again it was all window shopping, very frustrating.

Away at college, I bought all three brands. The Jockey Y-front brief is ok; I still have a few of those in my dresser. It is the Munsingwear Kangaroo Pouch brief with the horizontal fly that has been my mainstay over the years. Love how it supports my best assets with the comfortable support of a jockstrap.

I forgot to mention my encounter with athletic cups as an adolescent. As I said above, I first saw BIKE athletic cup units for sale at that toy and sporting goods store near our town center. I wanted to buy a BIKE cup at that store but was too embarrassed to ask. The store was owned and managed by an older couple, your typical "mom and pop" store. About the same time, when I was eleven or twelve and so those BIKE supporter ads in Boys Life Magazine, both Sears and Montgomery-Wards catalogs had listings for jocks and cups in their catalogs. I used to beat off looking at them.

I hardly knew any guys who wore cups in contact sports in my home town. But I suppose, a few Little League baseball players and perhaps even grown guys for baseball. My dad the ump certainly should have worn one. But athletic cups in those years were the traditional flat variety. They were flat triangular flat cups with ten ventillation holes. I wanted one so bad.

Finally one spring day, I think I was in tenth grade, we had high school PE outdoors on the baseball field. We play a couple innings of baseball. But during the game, two of our star varsity baseball players, Chuck Zinzer and Cary Beach, ran out to the bleachers in the outfield to retrieve an object. Cary had left his athletic cup on the bleachers after a game the day before. So Cary sat while Chuck inserted the cup into Cary's jock and adjusted his cup. I came close to creaming in my jock, it was so erotic.

A few weeks later after school let out for the summer, I revved up enough nerve, early one Saturday morning and purchased a cup at our town drugstore. It was a Bauer & Black Pro Cup supporter. The druggist sold me a men's medium. It came in a fairly large box with a stocky brute wearing this cup jock on the outside of the box. Again I rushed home in an extremely horny state, but since I was driving I had a slight accident when I attempted to park the car in our family garage. My dad was a little upset, but forgiving later. The cup was a no. 50 BIKE flat cup with a Bauer & Black cup jock. This cup supporter unit added fuel to my masturbation sessions in those years.

Also in those years into the 1970's, were jocks and cups by Flarico and Futuro. They were strong competitors to the entire BIKE line.

To be continued

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