Saturday, August 11, 2007

Shit! A mishap!

Hi guys,

About 30 minutes ago, I received a gracious response from, Circumcised.Aussie, my circumcised bro from down under. Damn! I had the call of nature and had to take a piss in my bathroom. I was adjusting the window blinds of my bathroom when the blinds fell of their holder into the bathtub. It so happens that the holders of these blinds in the window frame completely shattered. So I will have to go the resident manager of my apartment building early next week to report this mishap. I am afraid that I will have to cough up one hundred dollars for its replacement. I am rather pissed that window shades these days are so fragile and shodily made.

The moral to this story is that the male penis is much more stronger and durable. Think of your penis is one your best buddy. You wouldn't mistreat or harm such a buddy. My best buddy between my legs and I have been together through thick and thin for 57 years. I have loved him and he has loved me back in countless, immeasurable ways over the years. You take care of a good buddy and he will take care of you. That is what buddies are all about.

The flaccid penis looks and feels so vulnerable. But in his erect state, he is a pillar strength and capable of delivering love in a most concrete way. He is much more durable than fragile window blinds these days. But nevertheless, treat him right. He is only penis you have :-)

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