Sunday, August 12, 2007

My RIC'ed penis wants some loving

Hi guys,

Damn, it is already 1:30 a.m. Sunday morning here. My RIC'ed penis wants to play even now. I am buck naked and he is stirring for some action. So this post will be a leisurely slow on while I take occasional breaks to caress my best buddy. He certainly loves the attention.

Nigel, Circumcised.Aussie, from Sydney, Australia sent me a long e-mail about he and his parents had a terrible round around with the British socialized medical system. Circumcision was commonplace in Britain in the 20th century until 1950's when the government agency stopped paying insurance for infant and adult circumcisions. Nigel had to wait for his circumcision until after he immigrated to Australia from his native Great Britain.

I am back at Nigel's blog again commenting to the specimens of circumcised manhood posted. Nigel certainly has an eye for the circumcised penis in all its variety in both its flaccid and erect states.

While I am typing both here and at Circumcised Beauty, I am playing with myself. My penis is eating all this up, but he wants more attention and loving. I'll give it to him soon enough.

I am now in a sweet and slow stroke. My penis is thick, throbbing from excitement, my glans flared, oozing viscuous precum. But I am determined to spend some quality time with my best buddy.

When I am horny and my penis is throbbing in erection and wants some loving, memories of my early teens come flooding back to me. Yeah, slipping on that very first jock was a sexual awakening for me. The jock mesh pouch perfectly held my scrotum and erect penis. My penis shot up rockhard in my jock, so much so that my glans was rammed against the pouch at my jock waistband. Likewise I loved how the mesh pouch caressed my glans.

So as I said in an earlier post in this blog, in the weeks and following that episode, I replicated those feelings through touches to my genitals. This led to masturbatory strokings. Finally one Friday night at bedtime, my strokes took on a life of their own. Each stroke felt better and better and more determined like nothing experienced before. Finally a tidal wave of pure pleasure swept over me. I experienced my first full fledged orgasm and ejaculation.

Whenever I have an fulfilling masturbation session, one that ends in a shattering climax, I feel young again and even reborn


colinr said...

Speaking as a mid 20 year old British guy I can attest to most of the other lads I saw in school and now at my local gym being uncut, as I am. Good to know that many British guys are being circumcised later in life though!

It is fun though on the occasions I do see a circumcised guy - it is more exciting and I just know there has to be a story behind his bare helmet!

On the other hand, I'd love to visit an American gym and maybe be the only uncut guy in the showers there - it would give me some fantastic cut cocks to look at!

Thom in DC said...

Hi Colin,

Yes, here in the USA there is still a major of males who are circumcised, even though in recent decades more parents are opting out of routine infant circumcision for the neonatal sons and also because of the influx of latinos into my country in recent years. Many latinos have an adversion to circumcision.

I hear that circumcision was the norm for most males in the UK until big changes in medical care and insurance as the result of socialized medicine beginning in the 1960's.

Yes, in many gyms here you would be perhaps the lone uncircumcised male. I used to workout and swim at a university gym in my neighborhood in the 1980's to mid 1990's. Most males were circumcised. Few had remarkable circed penises in the flaccid state. I supposed that changed when they were erect for sex :-)

Thom in DC

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