Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The Urge, the itch, and jacking off

Hi guys,

I have a long weekend ahead of me. All three of my bosses are away until Tuesday. Plus I have the day off to enjoy. I have some errands to run, perhaps to friends to see, and obviously some refreshing summertime weather to enjoy here in our nation's capital.

However my RIC'ed penis wants some loving this morning. He is happy that I have this respite from the daily grind of earning a living. Normally he is asleep, cradled supportively in a pair of Munsingwear Kangaroo Pouch briefs in my jeans.

But today he wants to play. Every guy has this itch to masturbate. This itch is an urge centered in his loins. I think male humans of all animals have a full appreciation of their sexual apparatus at the center of the loins, this Axis of Male Sexual Pleasure, which I have described in previous posts of this blog. Every young male in his life discovers his penis and the pleasure derived from touching "down there".

When a guy reaches adolescence, his hormones are in full swing. He discovers that his testosterone is at its highest level when he wakes up in the morning. Quite often he might wake up with a morning erection. Sometimes it is rockhard and pulsating. More often his penis is just plump, tumescent, but soft to the touch. I touch my best buddy lightly, and he replies, "That feels so good". I caress him, he says, "I want more." Before I know it, pleasure is flowing through my groin, loins, and whole body. A drop of precum may ooze from the piss/cumslit of my glans. That is an indication that my best buddy may want some serious loving in a masturbation session. If I am not careful, the caressings turn to serious masturbatory strokes, and then I have to oblige my good buddy.

The itch centered in the loins where the male sexual apparatus is located which I label as the Axis of Sexual Pleasure, and urge to masturbate, the birthright of every red blooded male is what horniness is all about. There is a truism that most male teenagers are always horny. There are several reasons for this: First, they are living during the glory days of adolescence and post-adolescence when they experience in a most intimate and profound way their maturing bodies. Second, they witness their maturing sexual organs and what they can do for them. Third, through their developing maturity, they form friendships with the opposite sex mostly through dating. Boys who are gay, if they are in less restrictive societal or family surroundings, may form friendships of a sexual nature with other boys, but more often they have to wait until they leave the family nest for an independent adult life for that to happen.

Horniness, the itch and urge to masturbate and have sex, remains with most males throughout life even into old age. But this impulse to masturbate, to fuck, and the procreate is most cases diminishes slowly as the years go by. But horniness is much more subtle. Horniness permeates a males sexual consciousness, his memories, his yearnings. Horniness demonstrates that males are sexual animals.

I cannot speak for the female sex, the fair sex, because I have been gay all my life. Males have filled my thoughts and consciousness since my first vivid memories at age five of my dad and brothers, and other males in my life. So again, I have to resort to truisms about both sexes. Just look at the sexual anatomy of both sexes. A woman has a vagina; a man has a penis. A woman's sex organs are located mostly in the interior of her body; a man's sex organs are located in on the exterior of his body. The penis was designed to penetrate and the vagina ['sleeve or sheath' in Latin] to receive. It is simple as that. Hence, in the sex act, a man tends to be active and the woman active. So as a gay guy, I can't speak for women. I have seen a lot of sexy women, but because I am gay, I have not known any horny women. But I suppose they are lots of them.

We live in a time when it is ok to say "I am horny" public. Such a statement will meet with approval among many guys. But I don't think it would go over well in the workplace or at church. Likewise most societies forbid masturbation and fucking in public. Sexual acts are best reserved for private places, like the bedroom. That's fine by me.

I think a man and his penis and what he does enjoy doing with the good buddy between his legs is much better in a private place. Some of my happiest times are times when I am alone with my penis, being intimate with him. He certainly prefers it that way.

Well, my RIC'ed penis is a little bored by my ramblings in this post. He is tumescent, at half staff. There are many other things I want to say about horniness, but I'll for a future post for them. Take care.


solojo said...

Interesting blog, I am also RIC and a 'soloist' and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Thom in DC said...

Thank you, solojo, for your comment.

Feel free to e-mail me sometime. It is always wonderful to interact with another masturbator, especially if he is circumcised and a RIC at that.

Invite your circed buddies into masturbation to this blog. I am particularly interested into circumcised bloggers into the masturbation.

Take care!