Sunday, August 12, 2007

Good old fashioned meat beating & edging

Hi guys,

After the heady days of one's discovering the joys of masturbation and sex in general, during which a guy enters in what it means to be a man sexually, a guy settles down to good old fashioned masturbation. Well it is not as simple of that. Adolescent boys growing up to be men discover which strokes give them the most pleasure. Of course most adolescent boys, have quickies because they don't want to be caught in the act. I know that was true with me.

It was when I left home and went off to college that I began to have leisure to discover the true pleasures of masturbation. I learned through trial and error the best strokes, the optimum pressure and grip, to maximize the pleasure. Of course, my circumcised penis has been a willing partner in this enterprise. I stroke him, he wants more. I love him, he loves me back. It is the Axis of Male Sexual Pleasure in operation, this arc of electric pleasure racing back and forth between my mushroom glans and my pulsating prostate.

I learned during my periods of leisure, albeit in a busy workday and work week, to give quality time to my best buddy. I learned the basics of edging over the years. Edging is in a nutshell the skating along the edge of ejaculatory inevitability achieving the maximum of pleasure without going over the edge and cumming. All experienced edgers learn the stop-and-go technique of masturbation. Actually the first time I heard of this technique was in a book by Masters and Johnson on the subject of overcoming premature ejaculation. Masters and Johnson encouraged the use of the "squeeze technique" on the patients.

For me it is stop-and-go. I am determined to enjoy my session with my buddy between my legs. He has wanted this so much the last few days.

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