Friday, August 24, 2007

Masturbation Brings Good Mental Health

Hi guys,

It is close to midnight when Friday ends and Saturday begins. I am seated at my PC here at home buck naked in my birthday suit. I love being naked. Such intimacy in the quiet privacy of my apartment. This is how I truly appear to the Good Lord. Hallelujah! Praise the Lord!

I am a typical baby boomer Anglo American living in our Nation's Capital, Washington, DC, the leader of the free world, even as the Bush Administration would want us to believe. Politics, often of a most noxious type, permeates almost every area of life here, even my work place. I mean the Byzantine intrigue I must endure each work day. Such intrigue, such stress, such adversarialness is enough to emasculate any red blooded man, deplete his sexual drive.

One hears these days many advertisements on the radio and TV about erectile dysfunction (ED) and the inability of many men to "perform" in bed. As a confirmed bachelor and unattached I feel sorry for many men who cannot "get it up" to satisfy their wives or significant others (if they are gay). But the same malaise afflicts a guy like me. In recent years, I don't have the energy to get it on with myself in masturbation. I think ED (and impotence) is a problem of our time. It is a damned shame.

But every male has a penis and two testicles. We guys just can't escape this fact. Males from their earliest years discover what the penis can do in terms of pleasure. Many infant boys do have erections. For most boys, adolescence is a glorious, yet bewildering time, when they discover their rapidly maturing bodies. They discover what their penises can do for them. I know that adolescence for me was a time of discovery and fascination on many levels. Most adolescent boys just love to masturbate because they are perpetually horny. They certainly want to "do it" with girls, or even with their own sex. They become addicted to masturbation, if they are fortunate, a regular activity of self-discovery and self-affirmation for the rest of their healthy lives.

It is know that most men as they enter their fifties masturbate once or twice a week, if they are lucky. But if a guy has an active work life or a profession to pursue, the frequency may be once a week or once every two weeks. That has been my experience in recent years.

Actually I prefer that way. Yes, there is the adage, "Use it or lose it" when it comes to masturbation and just plain sex. But invariably my penis, my best buddy, nudges me with erections when I don't masturbate for a long time. The longer I don't masturbate, the more insistent the erections (usually in the morning) between my legs. Good ole horndog horniness hits me like a brick. My penis tells me, "I want to go out and play" with a rockhard, throbbing erection. If I am especially horny, precum oozes from the piss/cumslit of my glans. Well then I have to oblige my good buddy between legs for a time of serious loving.

Tonight I don't think I am up for a masturbation session. But now I am looking down with admiration at my slumbering, circumcised three-piece set. Yeah, I am caressing him and his two bros. Yeah, that is what playing with yourself is all about, especially if you are a red blooded man!

Further thoughts: Even though I live in a country when many would desire a return to 19th century Victorian mores, it is always wonderful when researchers present reports of sexual activities on adults. First in recent years, they have said that having frequent sex is good for your health. A few days ago, they said that healthy oldsters have sex regularly way into their old age. I think that the same is true with masturbation. Masturbation is a wonderful way for a guy or even a lady to get into profound touch with his/her body. Masturbation helps greatly in self-affirmation and good mental health even for the individual, just as sex is for couples.

A day or so ago, I heard a news report on viagra on the radio. Researchers have discovered that viagra not only relieves erectile dysfunction, but even enhances the sexual pleasure in the male. I have never tried viagra because I am concerned about its adverse side affects. I just let my penis, my good buddy, to let me know when he wants a session with me. He lets me know in a most direct way.

Thom. in DC

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