Saturday, September 22, 2007

The Cabela's Cover Guy: Is he RIC'ed, Circumcised?

Hi guys,

I am enjoying a quiet Saturday afternoon here at home, a welcome respite from the hurly burly of my workplace, a prominent academic research library in our nation's capital. I live a mere fifteen blocks from it in a tony neighborhood which gives it its name. Like libraries everywhere these days it is in the maelstrom of change.

In another fourteen hours it will be Sunday morning here. Fall will officially arrive. But it is definitely summer today. I donned Under Armour, actually a smart royal blue UA Heatgear Full T-shirt, along with a pair of walk shorts early at sunrise for my early Saturday morning jaunt here in Georgetown. Under Armour!!! Yeah!!! UA microfibre feels so good against your body!!! Soft, silky, sensuous!!! Yeah!!!

Right now I am mostly naked in my fairly warm apartment with nothing on, except a white pair of Under Armour Core Vent Compression Shorts. Love how the compression fit contains so well my abs, waist, thighs, and groin! Love how the mesh pouch supports well my best male assets!! Yeah!!!

Both the web sites for Under Armour HQ near Baltimore, MD and Cabela's have models wearing UA attire. Under Armour HQ models are mostly in their 20's through 40's. Both Anglo and African American studs at that web site have good looks and brawny sex appeal. I betcha the overwhelming majority are circumcised. Cabela's has generally All-American Anglo baby boomer variety. I am attaching the URL to the Cabela's site. The model wearing Under Armour there is in his 40's or early 50's. He is muscle bound, has gray hair and a thick 'stache, a real daddy, perhaps married with children, my type. I betcha he is RIC'ed like me. One of the salesmen at Cabela's told me last me last fall that the model is actually a Cabela's employee and that he had played in the NFL in earlier years. Wish I could get it on with him for some serious mansex with him plowing my butt.

Just click on the thin, rectangular box at the top of the page to bring up his pic.

Take care.

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