Thursday, September 27, 2007

Masturbation and religion, and circumcision

Hi guys,

As promised last Sunday, I would post an entry on masturbation and religion, and how circumcision enters the picture.

I believe in most cultures throughout history masturbation has been frowned upon, if not looked upon as a immature, juvenile practice or habit, something to outgrow. Most world religions either forbid or frown upon masturbation. Many devout Hindus believe that masturbation depletes the male of his seminal essence, something he can't replace. In many Christian churches, especially the Roman Catholic church, masturbation has been regarded as a grave, mortal sin. Men cannot use their penises except in the confines of heterosexual marriage, and only then for procreation. Even more so, the church over the centuries looked upon sexual pleasure as sinful. But how many mindful Catholic males from their early boyhood realize the pleasure available in masturbation?

During the latter nineteenth century here in the USA, during a time of a rigid and claustrophobic morality, remedies to masturbation were found in chastity belts which tortured the wear with even barbs on the genitals, or even surgery. Then the "enlightened" medical establishment of that time began focusing upon circumcision as a remedy to
deaden the erotic sensation found in an foreskin surrounded glans. They began the practice of routine infant circumcision (RIC) to lessen the incidence of masturbation in young males. Of course, in many instances, including the writer of this piece, guys continued to masturbate and derive exquisite pleasure in the practice.

Like so many baby boomers, I was RIC'ed as a neonatal. I first became conscious of my RIC'ed penis at age five. That is when I became aware of the circumcised penises of my dad and my two brothers. We were all RIC'ed. I am sure most of my late dad's contemporaries in his generation were all RIC'ed. I inherited my dad's physique; his love of music, nature, and in later years, sports; and especially his circumcised penis, complete with a plump, mushroom glans. My dad was also a devout churchman. I also inherited his religious and mystical temperament.

At the same time, at age five, I began having crushes on goodlooking males, mostly older males, but also even schoolmates. First it was the furnace man who serviced our furnace once a year. He had a sexuality that was irresistible. Then it was hunky male teachers in the public schools of my hometown, and especially the athletic coaches. They all stoked the fires of sexual yearning in me for them. I bet they were all circumcised. And I am sure many of them loved jacking off and beating their circumcised meat.

But all this happened in the 1950's and part of the 1960's, when American life was clean cut and freshly scrubbed. And yet, many guys masturbated even in those years.

In recent decades, RIC is not practiced as universally as it had been in the 1940's, 50's, and 60's. But in this metropolitan area which has a large college and university undergraduate population, it is easy to run across some stunning college guys, such as what happened on my way home tonight from work. There was a stunning college guy which arrested my gaze. I purposely sat behind him on the bus. I think he was about age 20 and had a lithe, athletic body, clean shaven, with a full head of dirty-blond hair. He was wearing a red men's medium Under Armour Heatgear sleeveless shirt. Just looking at him with UA shirt on made me melt with sexual desire. I betcha he too was RIC'ed, since he was a typical Anglo like me. Often when I beat my meat, guys like him come to mind.

Take care

P.S. Circumcision does not "cure" the tendency in males to masturbate. I am living proof a RIC'ed guy who discovered early in love erotic touches and caresses to light the fire of sexual passion "down there" :-)


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