Friday, September 21, 2007

Friday night date

Hi guys,

As in the previous post, I haven't masturbated in a good week. Actually duties and even intrigues in my workplace during the past week prevented me from acting upon the urge to jack off. But the sweet time of intimacy with my penis has arrived! I have donned a pair of black Under Armour Core Vent Compression shorts. Under Armour!!! Yeah!!!! I love how the UA microfibre mesh pouch caresses both my cockshaft and glans.

Right now I am engaged in foreplay. My penis is in a state of anticipation. Every touch, every caress is sweet. My penis is throbbing in excitement. He clearly is happy at such attention. It's been so long that my glans is being to ooze out precum. As I continue to stroke, it feels better and better.

Now the serious stroking begins--rapid firm strokes. Slow strokes, firm caresses. It all feels so good!!! I am now beating my meet to one of my favorite models, Alex Wilcox. Alex has such a beautiful circumcision and a shiny, plump glans.

It's enough to drive me over the edge which I did just now, pumping out a thick load. Such a beautiful, sweet release, thus putting out of mind worries of the past week.

Take care.

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