Saturday, September 1, 2007

Steady date on a Saturday night

Hi guys,

Couples generally have serious dates on Saturday nights. That is when work responsibilities are furthest from people's minds. So couples are able to give quality time to each other in a serious date, during which romance and smooching may take place. Serious couples may engage in foreplay which may lead to actual sex. Teenage couples may very well engage in petting which may inflame the boy and girl "to go all the way", though our society generally frowns on this. Married couples within bonds or even the solace of marriage are much more fortunate. They may kiss and caress in public, but generally the actual foreplay and main course of coitus, fucking is saved for the bedroom generally. This is true for many gay couples, especially those in a committed relationship.

A man and his penis, especially if he is older and on his own, has the same fortune as married couples. He may have sexual thoughts throughout the day or be in a state of horniness. But generally the older, experienced masturbator will save such intimacy with his best buddy in his bedroom. That is much better because there is little risk involved, like masturbating in public or engaging in risky oral sex in public mens rooms, such as happened to Senator Craig of Idaho, when he was caught solliciting for oral sex by a plainclothes police office in a men's room in Minneapolis National Airport on June 11 of this year. My thoughts on such behavior is this: Such risky sex has a sexual charge to it, particularly if being busted or arrested is possible. I certainly do not want to have an arrest record or being placed on the national sex offenders list!

My penis is not interested at all in Senator Craig's arrest. My penis is much interested in our serious date tonight. He has waited perhaps over a week, and so have I. It is such a sweet time of reunion. Let the loving begin.

This blog entry is devoted to a blow-by-blow description of our date:

He is stirring right now, aching in anticipation and my glans is moist with precum at its meatus. My penis is short and thick, glans flared, raring to go. Right now I am viewing pics of baseball and football players. That often adds fuel to the sexual fire in my loins. I am stroking and caressing lightly my penis in this state, teasing my glans all the same.

Now I am grasping lightly penis just underneath my glans and with my forefinger and thumb squeezing repeatedly my glans. It feels so good. A pearl of precum is oozing from my cumslit and my penis pulses. Now I am spreading the precum all over my glans with my thumb.

Seeing models with their cocks in arousal is enough to get more serious into my bate. But I am taking my time tonight.

I love it when I stroke slowly and more insistently how my penis responds. He wants more loving.

After an intermission of four-five hours, I am back at it again. Both me and my penis began falling asleep. So I took a break and took a leak in the bathroom. I returned and visited the Jock Zone, the chatroom of allkink's web site. For almost a year, I couldn't access the room, but a Java update enabled me to login.

Afterward written early Sunday evening:

My date last night fizzled. Maybe later on tonight

Second afterward written late Friday night/early Saturday mornning nearly two weeks later:

Sent out earlier tonight seven job applications. My RIC'ed penis and I are celebrating. I am wearing a forest green Under Armour HeatGear Full T-shirt with hunter orange UA logo and a pair of white UA Core Vent Compression shorts. Feels real good!

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