Sunday, September 23, 2007

Horniness and Sexual Vasocongestion

Hi guys,

As I do most Sundays, I wake up early, usually around 6 or 6:30 a.m. Today was no exception and I quickly bathed and shaved and went to church. (Yes, I do go to church). Today is the first day of autumn and while the temps here are still summery, fortunately we have low humidity, ingredients for football weather. Both Washington Redskins and Nationals have games today. The sun rose as a orangish red ball of fire!

There is another fire. It is the fire of sexual energy that healthy males have in their loins most days. Most males from puberty on experience morning erections. Morning erections are caused by super abundance of testosterone in males in the early morning hours. It is usually in those hours before sunrise that many males have erotic dreams, some of them turning in wet dreams resulting in emission of semen. But in most cases, a guy may wake with a hardon or a boner, which may be throbbing with sexual promise. That is how I felt when I came to as the sky was brightening with the approaching sunrise. Well, the needs of my best buddy had to be deferred with religious obligations that come on Sundays.

But any red blooded male, even if he has many demands in his life, whether it be with his career, family, religious organization, or even athletic team or sport (both Pro and amateur), cannot neglect his sexual desires or urges which comprise the state of horniness. Most guys, especially if they are adults, defer the sweetness of horniness to when he can spend with his sexual partner or himself. Horniness, sexual desire, only increases, becomes more urgent, becomes sweeter throughout the day or even more so throughout the week, to when he can't stand it any longer. Then that time of sexual congress with his partner through coitus or himself in masturbation is indeed a sweet time of communion. He may be so horny at that time he lubes a steady stream of precum before actual coitus.

The ancient Greeks had three words for 'love'. They are philia, love that is found in friendships; agape, altruistic, self-giving love, which they considered the highest form of love; and eros, erotic love found in sexual congress. Erotic love is sexual love, physical love expressed through our bodies either in sexual congress, that is the heart of coitus, fucking, or physical love of one's self which is the heart of masturbation. The Good Lord created the three types of love for us humans. Unfortunately, we humans through our societal mores tend to consider the free exercise of eros as shameful. Yes, there are the constraints of lawful marriage and sex in private behind closed and locked doors. But such shame is often so pervasive that it is the cause of serious sexual dysfunction.

Horniness in its most noticeable form is represented in the sexual vasocongestion of the male genitals. A guy then will have a throbbing erection that will not go away. If he hasn't had sexual activity for several days or a week, his seminal vesicles, prostate, and ancillary organs will be engorged with seminal fluids demanding release. This condition adds fuel to sexual passion, but the experienced lover of his significant other or himself will seek control in the sexual act which brings all to a shattering climax.


solojo said...

Enjoyed your Sunday comments. Although I am experiencing a 'dry' spell at the moment, I still have the usual morning wood giving me exquisite pleasure even w/o cumming.
I also am a churchgoer (RC) and take it very seriously, so my addiction to masturbation is sometimes a problem.
Have a good week. Joe

Thom in DC said...

Hi Joe,

Thank you for your comment. I am getting ready in a few days to add a post to this blog on masturbation and religion, and circumcision.

Joe, if you have any buds interested in a blog of this nature, please tell them about this blog.

Take care.