Saturday, September 1, 2007

Sweet memories

Hi guys,

It is mid morning, Saturday on Labor Day Weekend, here in DC. We have today delightful late summertime weather with comfortable temps, blue skies, and low humidity. It is nearly three weeks away from the autumnal equinox. September has arrived and so have the college students for the fall semester at area universities.

I am fully clothed, ready to go out to run an important errand, namely pay my annual ISP membership. RCN's offices are within a comfortable walking distance from my apartment. I am wearing a pair of khaki walking shorts and a forest green Under Armour Heatgear Loose T-shirt. Under Armour!!! Yeah! That brand is guaranteed to light the fires of horniness in my loins, because hot guys from their youth to their old age wear that brand. Every time I don Under Armour I feel young, vigorous, and virile. Under Armour and activities like masturbation remind me in many ways that I am capable of surmounting life's challenges, including women in positions of authority in the world's workplaces.

But enough of such worries, especially the women! They will be dealt with at the proper time. Please forgive me of my overweening misogyny. Even though I seem to these women a milk toasty male, one to run rough shod over, I too am a red-blooded man. A man with an active penis and gonads fully wired and loaded, complete irrepressible testosterone, Glory Hallelujah!!!

Every man as he ages into middle age is constantly reminded happy times with his penis and two bros between his legs. Many of these memories go back to the earliest years of his boyhood, especially the glory days of his puberty and adolescence, when he discovers his rapidly changing and maturing body. These memories continue into his vigorous 20's and 30's. Mid-life crisis in his 40's causes a man to realize his mortality and his limitations. But if he remains healthy, his penis will nudge him in many ways each day and during each work day. Like so many men in their 40's or 50's, I have many responsibilities and worries, not to mention the adversarial environment of my workplace full of intrigue. The sexual hormones in my body accumulate to the extent that erotic thoughts and horniness occupy my consciousness, especially on weekends, when I am far away from my workplace.

The memories and those thoughts take over then. It is very easy each day to see beautiful specimens of masculinity. College students especially if they are upperclassmen, have a maturity that is irresistible. If they are Anglos, then many of them are circumcised. Mostly every workday, I wait for the bus outside the 7-Eleven in my neighborhood. There I encounter many blue-collar guys and tradesmen, who exhibit a raw masculinity, even though many of them may be flabby or out of shape. Such guys who turn me on there are white guys from the burbs or beyond the Beltway. Again many of them I bet are circumcised.

So these and other thoughts permeate my thoughts even on workdays when a masturbation session is not possible. But I save them up for a serious date with my best buddy generally on a Saturday.


colinr said...

It must be great to be surrounded by fully clothed guys and to know that it is most likely that they are all fully circumcised! (Especially knowing that a big, masculine example of manhood has had his glans permanently bared when he was a baby, both showing he was once a helpless babe and also preparing his cock for its uber-male circumcised look as a fully grown adult!

Thom in DC said...

Hi Colin,

Yes, I was in lust when I feasted on that college student on the bus home from work in mid September. I am sure he had just come from his workout or sports at our university gym.

You mention helpless male infants. The foes of routine infant circumcision (RIC) often stress that baby boomer suffer excruciating pain when they are circumcised. That might be so. I'm sure I wailed alot when I was RIC'ed. But I thank my lucky stars that it was done then so that I can have an aesthetically pleasing circed penis that I have now.

Thom. in DC