Saturday, September 15, 2007

Irrepressible & Ejaculatory Inevitability


Hi guys,

I tried to post an entry around 8 a.m. Friday morning. My seminal vesicles and prostate were fully loaded then. I was utterly surprised because I had a "short" masturbation session about the same time of day even though I had an appointment out later.

Irrepressible is how I describes a guy's sexual urge. The male, more so than the female, is more apt to have sexual urges. Males are fully wired for this type of rampant sexual energy which is centered in his groin, but which suffuses his entire body. The male by virtue of his sexual equipment was created to penetrate the vagina of the female with his penis. Vagina means sheath in Latin, a perfect receptacle for the penis. A man by virtue of their physique is apt to fuck the female with pelvic thrusts and then achieve orgasm and ejaculation of his semen at the cervix of the woman. The Good Lord created this arrangement for the propagation of the species. An experienced male lover woos the female, gets her hot through foreplay. Then he engages in a leisurely fuck during he brings her to heights of orgasm, over and over again, while he delays his own until he knows she is fully satisfied before he presses to his own orgasm and ejaculation of semen.

Irrepressible is how I also describe a guy's penis. A guy may have a demanding work-a-day life and demands of wife and children. It may be a little simpler for single, unattached guys. But many guys in modern American society are stressed out don't have much energy or time for sex, much less masturbation. But a guy's penis is charged with energy. That is what happens with a guy is horny as shown in the pics above.

Early Friday morning, my RIC'ed penis was insistent. He wanted some loving. So I gave it to him. We had a quickie and he ejaculated a load of thick semen. Surprisingly in less than eighteen hours he is rearing to go again. So I'll give him some sweet loving.

I have been riding the edge of ejaculatory inevitability for nearly two hours now. I have been teasing my glans and reveling in the sweet feelings of the bate.

JackinWorld Science Corner gives a good explanation of ejaculatory inevitability:

"For the male, orgasm almost always includes ejaculation, which occurs in two distinct stages: emission and expulsion. Emission occurs when semen collects in an upper part of the urethra known as the urethral bulb. As more semen collects in the urethral bulb, he develops the feeling he is about to ejaculate. This feeling is known as ejaculatory inevitability and usually lasts for 2 to 3 seconds. This is the "point of no return" — the man cannot be stopped from having the orgasm at this point. Expulsion, the second stage, involves rhythmic contractions of the muscles around the base of the penis and anus. These muscular contractions cause the semen to be propelled down the urethra and out of the body. There are normally 4 to 5 rhythmic contractions that occur at 0.8-second intervals, with the first ones being the strongest and most intense. During orgasm in both males and females the heart rate, blood pressure, and breathing rate all reach peak levels. Both males and females also release a hormone known as oxytocin from their posterior pituitary glands. This hormone is believed to help strengthen the pelvic-muscle contractions associated with orgasm."

But a lot of guys through edging learn how ride "ejaculatory inevitabilty" for as long as possible before slipping over to a shattering climax and powerful ejaculation of semen!

Take care.

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