Friday, September 21, 2007

A man and his penis--End of work week

Hi guys,

It has been almost a week since I masturbated. It's been a grueling week. I am so glad it is over. Most guys come away exhausted, beaten up by their jobs late Friday afternoon. Sex is farthest from their minds. But then there is the weekend. Glory Hallelujah!

An early Friday evening drink, dinner out, maybe a movie with his S.O. and he is in business. Most guys celebrate the evening with sex, coitus, or if the guy is single, maybe some masturbation.

But then he may just relax. Enjoy a quiet Friday evening, lounge around either watching TV, or reading a book, or, as in my case, on his PC, surfing the web. It is in those quiet times, when he is either partly clad, or buck naked, that a guy just enjoys himself or his body, even his genitals in repose.

He may come away refreshed and have a special intimate time with his best buddy and his bros between his legs in masturbation. Let's celebrate!

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