Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Hi guys,

It is unusual for me to post anything on my blog during the work week because I am devoted to my job and come home most nights tired. But tonight I want to say that the quality time I had with my RIC'ed penis not only relaxed me but Sunday night/early Monday morning gave me one of the soundest, most relaxing sleeps I have had in many months. I woke up refreshed and my body will totally relaxed and not uptight in the slightest. So far my week has gone well. Our unit meeting yesterday morning was upbeat and things look brighter for me now.

In this entry, I want to explore in greater depth the concept of sexual or carnal knowledge. Every male early in life has intimations of this kind of knowledge as he sees his body and sexual equipment develop as he grows up. For most males, adolescence is a time when a guy's body blossoms. This is especially so with his sex organs and the appearance of mature male characters, e.g. lower voice, growth of facial and pubic hair, and maturing of his sex organs along with their sexual function. A guy discovers this for sure when discovers masturbation and what it can do for him. Initially these changes are baffling and unsettling, but then he accepts these changes and exults in them, because he is really growing to be a man, like his dad or older brothers. A guy learns in many ways a world of sexual consciousness through masturbation. Many males share what he has learned with the opposite sex, or other guys are open to his developing experiences.

However, sexual consciousness, at least here in the West, makes a young male open to shame and guilt. To many people, both male and female, sexual knowledge is a forbidden fruit, tantamount to the fruit eaten from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil in the Garden of Eden.

According to wikipedia:

The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil is mentioned in the Book of Genesis (for both Jewish and Christian interpretations.

Or it could refer to: "The Bodhi tree under which the Buddha received enlightenment according to Buddhism",

"The metaphysical Tree of Jiva and Atman in Vedic mythology",

"The Axis mundi, or world axis, which takes the form of a tree in Christian mythology",

"The Lote Tree is mentioned in the Qu'ran as a metaphor for the upper most limit of Human understanding concerning God."

It is interesting to note that the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil is posited as an agent of knowledge, perhaps even greater consciousness. This is certainly true in the other religious traditions cited above. Sexual consciousness gained through either masturbation or sexual intercourse need not be bad or guilt-ridden. It can be liberating and uplifting as it should be. But there is a responsibility entailed in sexual relations for the partners to care for each other and build each other up in an intimate relationship. That lofty standard is naturally beyond most casual sex, but it is necessary for the maintenance of partners in a committed relationship.

I entitled this post with the word Fuck. It is often believed that this word has its origin in the acronym, FUCK [For Unlawful Carnel Knowledge]. But the wikipedia emphasizes that this word has its origin in Old English and that it is primarily a verb:

Without belaboring the point, the word 'fuck' is a powerful action word, although considered vulgar and offensive in polite society. I pointed this out in an earlier entry several months ago. But any red-blooded male, straight or gay, who has cajones, has fucking on his mind. Most males whether they know or it not, think about sexual intercourse rather often. It is part and parcel of the male sexual consciousness. Likewise mostly every male thinks about his penis and what his penis can do for him either through masturbation or coitus, fucking.

FUCK = For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge. Here is carnal knowledge is gained through sexual relations. The Hebrew Old Testament has this imagery in the verb, yada' (triliteral root: Yodh, Daleth, Ayin) to know. This verb is often used in the intimate knowledge that comes from sexual relations. A man uses his penis as a tool for facilitating this knowledge through pelvic thrusts in a vagina or anus. How beautiful! Likewise a guy jacking off or beating his meat through masturbation simulates sexual intercourse, coitus, with his hand.

In the Creation Story in Genesis, the Serpent tempted or seduced Eve to eat of the fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. It is interesting to note that word for serpent or snake is Schlange in German and Schlong in Yiddish, both of which are slang for Penis. The Biblical account states that the Tempter caused our First Parents to fall into original sin through this unlawful eating. But still, let us let go or jettison all guilt-producing biblical and theological admonitions as regards sex. Let our penises lead us all into greater self-knowledge and consciousness which leads to the fulfillment of loving relations both with our own bodies and our partners.

In closing this entry, I have received compliments from a few who have rest this blog. We have had an unusually cool, rainy spring. I am hoping that this summer here in DC will continue this trend. Stretches of hot, humid weather here curtail a great deal my being on the Net at home because I have to use the A/C just to survive. But I hope to continue to blog on a regular basis throughout the summer.

Take care.


Anonymous said...

Hello, Good Man Thom, Thank you again for more elucidation on another aspect of male sexuality. Have a good weekend, and I do hope you relax and enjoy with your good buddy. Keep up the research and exposition of your philosophy and observations. Sincerely, Justin

Thom in DC said...

Thank you for your well-wishes, Justin. It is a beautiful Sunday morning here in Washington, DC during this long Memorial Day weekend. I hope to spend much time today blogging, while having a serious date with my RIC'ed one-eye buddy.

Justin, I hope wherever you are, you are having a relaxing weekend also.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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