Thursday, May 29, 2008

Summer is coming!!!

Hi guys,

I never got around to doing more blogging or even have a masturbation session on Memorial Day just past. I just stayed in my meditative frame of mind the whole day, reflecting on the significance of this day as it refers to the ultimate sacrifice in service to the country and the wars that my country has fought over the years.

The weather turned sultry that day and the following day. I nearly had to turn on my A/C when I couldn't sleep Monday night. Fortunately a cold front passed through in the early hours of Wednesday. But in spite of the breezy, refreshing weather, it feels that big changes are on the way. Beginning this weekend, temperatures will climb into the 80's in daytime and lows in the mid to upper 60's at high. Time to turn on the old A/C for summer. I just hope this summer we can have reasonable summertime weather with just a few days in the 90's.

So tonight I am blogging this buck naked. My RIC'ed penis is in repose, fast asleep, as I type this. I guess I will put off our bate session until the weekend when we can have quality time together for our lovemaking.

Oh yes, I forgot to mention of my latest Under Armour purchases. Late last Saturday afternoon, I purchased several more UA Heatgear T-shirts in men's large (one purple shirt and two red shirts) and some UA Heatgear sleeveless T-shirts also in men's large (two midnight navy, two red, and one royal blue). In Under Armour, I have found the perfect casual attire to wear on hot, steamy Washington, DC days. As I said in one of my earliest entries to this blog, the founder of Under Armour, Kevin Plank, played football at University of Maryland--College Park. He got tired of wearing attire that drenched with sweat after a workout on the gridiron on hot days, so he developed the Under Armour Heatgear T-shirt to be worn under shoulder pads and football jersey. Every time I slip on UA and a C-IN2 athletic supporter, I feel like a young jock again. I look forward to many days this summer when I can do this.

Take care.

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