Saturday, May 3, 2008

High & tight circed Chris

Hi guys,

I am posting another model this morning. His name is Chris. It appears that he is in his late 20's or early 30's. He has a gorgeous body brought to perfection through weight training and a fun-loving attitude brought out in this pic. His circumcised tool is rather long, though on the thin side. God, he has a high & tight circumcision, with his circumcision scar almost halfway down the shaft of his penis. Would love to see him in full erection and his glans flared for action! Enjoy!

P.S. I am typing this addendum early Saturday afternoon. I forgot to mention that Chris has a body that any sculptor would love to sculpt. In a way, Chris's proud, virile pose reminds me of an Ancient Greek statue of a young man, made when Classical Greek civilization was asserting itself and moving beyond Minoan and Ancient Egyptian influences. I betcha the sculptor of this statue used a young Greek male, perhaps in his late teens or early twenties, a jock who may have participated in the Original Olympic Games, which according to Wikipedia, were celebrated first in 776 B.C. and lasted until AD 393 in the ancient Greco-Roman world. The Kouros statue of this young hunk (which is in the National Museum of Athens, Greece) has exactly the same features as our present-day stud, Chris, except the early stud had longish hair and Minoan facial features, and yes, this guy had a uncircumcised dick!


Anonymous said...

W-H-O-A, nice one, tho I would prefer him in his natural hairiness.

Thom in DC said...

Hi solojo,

Just give Chris a good ten years or more when he begins to enter middle age. That is when most guys become hairy all over. It is unavoidable. However, I hope that Chris continues his physical regimen into old age. He will look and feel better for it. And his sexual expression will be vibrant as ever.