Sunday, May 25, 2008

Practice, practice, practice! Use it or lose it!

Hi guys,

Any sort of sexual expression by us humans is perfected or fine-tuned by practice. We live in a country that is defined by its fascination with sports. Most Americans are glued to the TV by spectator sports, such as baseball, basketball, or football. Athletes in both team and individual sports have to practice, practice, practice to become good at their sport.

Likewise with musicians. Pianists and church organists have to spend hours practicing their scales. A whole genre of musical composition has grown up over the years called etudes, studies. For example, Johann Sebastian Bach composed his Well-Tempered Clavier, French & English Suites, Orgelbuchlein [Little Organ Buch of choral preludes], Trio Sonatas for organ, and the German Organ Mass as artful, aesthetic, studies to make his students competent keyboard players and church organists.

Well the same is true for sexual expression, especially masturbation. Practice, practice, practice!!! Use or lose it!

One hears even various musical expressions referring to masturbation, such as "Playing the piano, playing the organ, playing the skin flute, strumming on the ole banjo [taken from the song, Working on the Railroad]. Since I still have passion for organ music, the expression "organ practice" applies to me :-)

Now the expression, playing the skin flute, has also connotations of fellatio, sucking cock. I now will tell you a true story about myself. When I visited the college in which I later enrolled in the piedmont of North Carolina, it was a glorious Saturday afternoon in October, actually homecoming weekend in 1967. North Carolina is well-known for its sunny, balmy weather in the fall. It was such a day. We visited the campus during half-time. During our tour, we heard the skirl of bagpipes with drums coming from the college football field. Our tour guide said that the college has a Scottish pipe and drums band on campus. The Scottish bagpipe has an enchanting, primordial sound which stirs our wilder, baser natures. That was why it was banned as an instrument of war for a good many decades following the Union of England and Scotland in 1704.

When I enrolled as a freshman a year later, I joined that band. I used to pipe six days a week from 3-4 p.m. It provided me with healthful exercise that acted as a tonic on my late adolescent constitution. In the winter time, I would practice in the college auditorium. When the weather permitted, I would practice in the parking lot behind the auditorium next to the football field. The college football players enjoyed my playing, said that it helped them play better. I think my playing the bagpipes made them horny because quite a few of them asked me to play their skin flutes. Well many of these guys were Southern guys from the country and many of them were hunks. I soon found out what they wanted from that expression, "play their skin flutes", was for me to suck them off. Damn, I wish I weren't so naive or reluctant then because I would have been glad to be their cock sucker. I am sure most of them were RIC'ed anyway!

Take care.

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