Saturday, May 24, 2008

The will to power

Hi guys,

I got up before sunrise this morning to herald the arrival of the long holiday weekend. What a relief after a long work week. Yesterday we had an ideal late spring Friday with lots of sunshine, skies with wispy cirrus clouds, and temps that seemed more appropriate for a late summer's day turning into autumn. I really didn't want to be at work yesterday. My mind was other places and so was my good RIC'ed one-eyed buddy. There have been so many good posts on the various circumcision groups lately. I should have taken the day off to participate in this fruitful interaction. And I am sure I would have sexed myself up for a glorious masturbation session yesterday. Anyway I guess many of you will be out enjoying the holiday weekend or far away from home. I will be here much of the time blogging away, corresponding by e-mail, and participating in the groups.

However I went to work with the best of intentions and in spite of everything, got some important work done. As you know from my previous entries on this blog, I work for a women- dominated organization, where women hold the real power. It has been my experience over the years that all my male buddies here and the priests at church haven't the faintest clue what it is like to be a male in a female oligarchy. I will be brief. There are many women in my organization who enjoy throwing their weight around. You may interpret that previous sentence both objectively and metaphorically. It often is the worse sort of the crass Will to Power (Der Wille zur Macht), the title of a posthumous work by the German philosopher, Friedrich Nietzsche and applied to the Nazi grab for power, a good 20-30 years after his death.

Women do have their wiles. I speak in a good, positive sense. This train of thought expands upon what I pondered in the Creation Story in the Book of Genesis. The Serpent seduced Eve with an apple, and I think Eve did likewise with her husband, Adam. So our First Parents did eat the forbidden fruit of good and evil, I think, more so the fruit of sexual knowledge. Women hence in their very seductiveness have true power. Their seductiveness makes a man horny. Good sex arises from seduction. Would that more men had this same sort of power. But I believe many men do have such power and exhibit it to their sexual partners. Foreplay in all its beauty is the working out of the allures of seduction. Every glance, every adoration, every touch, every caress, every kiss, every deep-soul kissing, excites, inflames, and prepares for the main course of sex, coitus, fucking. Seduction applies equally to heterosexual females, gay males, and lesbian females.

The best women bosses I have worked for have true, seductive power. Again I speak in a good, positive sense. It is the art of persuasion, of appealing to greater, loftier missions. The worse women bosses have been those who use power in a crass, blatant way, like one wielding a sledge hammer. This is truly destructive power. Underlings are often to resist, even rebel in the face of such power. Male bosses need to pay attention to what I am saying, because it also applies to you. Seductive power when used wisely and nobly fosters loyalty and selfless service from underlings. The opposite invites rebellion and revolution. The American Revolution is a good example of this. Just read the Declaration of Independence. The American colonists finally revolted from years of mistreatment from Great Britain, the mother country.

But we men have something that women don't have and that is a penis. We don't have to throw our power around. It just asserts itself in our genitals. We are fully wired for action. Every time you have an erection, you have this power. Women may dispute this. There has been a war between the sexes from time immemorial. We have bloody power contests between patriarchy and matriarchy.

It doesn't have to be this way. Carl Jung in his works speaks of the mysterium conjunctionis, the union of opposites. Men and women come together in all sorts of partnerships for the benefit of both parties. They can be physical, spiritual, professional, etc., etc. Just use your imagination and fill in the blanks. It works much better that way. And what is achieved through such unions lasts forever.

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