Monday, May 5, 2008

A Hot African-American/White Sit Fuck

Hi guys,

David Hamilton has done it again! I had one of those of hard physical labor days at work earlier today. Lots of heavy lifting. Left work exhausted. Now it is heading towards my bedtime.

But before I go to bed, I just have to comment on one of the hottest pics, David has posted on his groups. Tonight he posted the model, Blake Riley, sitting on what appears to be a thick cock of a black guy. I get the impression that it is Blake doing the fucking and the black guy sitting back and enjoying the action of the fuck. The black guy appears to be in sexual bliss, and judging from his elevated, taut testicles/scrotum seems to edging on the precipice of ejaculatory inevitability. Blake, judging for his erect penis, apparently is enjoying riding the black guy's tool.

Gee, I only climaxed two nights ago, but this pic has me yearning for more "action"!

I hope some how we can get more pics of the black hunk and find out if he is circumcised or not. Many black guys are wellhung stallions!

Take care

P.S. A couple minutes ago, I scrolled down the posts of Google Circumcised-Men and discovered this amazing couple again! Boy, the black guy knows how to fuck! This has made me randy tonight!

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