Sunday, May 18, 2008

Thank you, my good buddy

Thank you, my good one-eyed buddy. Thank you for being patient with me this weekend. It had been so long, two weeks worth, that we had gotten it on. Thank you for being a patient teacher and guide. You help me so much in the hard work of being a man in a cruel world. You do this by allowing me to take you into my hand and stroking you with loving strokes. You allow me to make love to your one-eyed head, the eye which oozes precum, along with the usual urine, and in special occasions, the rich, creamy semen of sexual passion. The semen of which is composed of spermazoa from my testicles and mixed with the viscous fluids of sexual passion from the epididymus, cowpers, ampullae, and churning prostate. Thank you, my RIC'ed penis, standing erect in proud salute, with a flared, mushroom glans. I love you for all that you are because it is you and your two testicle bros in scrotum that make me a man! I touch you even know in my BIKE coaches shorts. I tease my glans, my cockhead. It is a powerful, physical love relationship we have because you put me in touch with my male body. And it is because of you, that I am a healthy, robust man.

So in closing, before I prepare myself for the coming work week, I dedicate this entry to males the world over. We all pretty much have the same experience with Penis. Thank the Good Lord for this good gift.

Take care.


Anonymous said...

Some excellent photos below. Is IRC a chat?

Thom in DC said...

Thank you, solojo. I had a heyday posting those photos Sunday afternoon.

Yes, IRC is a chat. IRC means Internet Relay Chat and has been around since the early 1990's.

It is a relatively simple software package you can get at