Saturday, May 3, 2008

Glorious spring weather on Saturday (May 2010)

Hi buds,

I am sure that both men and women read this blog and so I must have an awareness to make my references of females as temperate as possible. Many women out there do have a fascination of their husbands or boyfriends penises because the penis is not only the organ of copulation and reproduction, but also a tool of bringing pleasure and happiness into intimate relationships.

I had mentioned in my previous post that I observed a Little League baseball game in a park a couple blocks from my apartment on my way home late this morning. These games have been arranged by Headfirst, a local athletic association maintaining athletic teams for various team sports for men, women, co-eds, boys, and girls here in the DC/MD/VA metro area. King James I of Great Britain, in his Book of Sports, had it right on insisting sports even on Sunday afternoons after church. He believed that his subjects should be physically fit should they be called to war in defense of their country.

As I said in my previous post, the streets were thronged with people in summer attire today. There were lots of men and women running and jogging late this morning as well as walkers such as myself. By mid-afternoon, it had begun to get rather warm. Once again, I logged out and took a long afternoon walk. However, tomorrow I have my work cut out for me because building management here will be entering my apartment sometime next week to check my smoke alarm and my kitchen and bathroom. So I will have to straighten up my apartment some hours after church tomorrow.

It is getting close to sunset. I have some hours before bedtime to engage in some bating before bedtime. Take care.

Update: This short post was composed early May 2010 during a very brief vacation from my former workplace. As of early January 2010, that job became history with my being laid off/"terminated", however you see it.

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