Saturday, May 17, 2008

I am glad I am a RIC'ed male!

Hi guys,

Boy, I am horny and randy this morning. I have been so busy with my job lately and the with all the goings on at work to take my RIC'ed one-eyed body between my legs into my hands and give him the loving he so deserves. I think it has been a good two weeks so I last jacked off. So a load of semen has been building up and churning in my testicles, prostate, and associative organs all this time. All this has been happening as I focused on my job and developing happenings at work.

As you know, I work at a woman dominated organization where they have ultimate power. I may have told you that for some weeks now I have been meditating in the early mornings before work. Meditation is helpful in developing detachment. This detachment helps a guy pull back and see the big picture. This is what CEO's of big organizations have been doing for years. So lately I have been reflecting what it means to be a man in a woman dominated organization and how should a man behave. Invariably all guys in my organization are subservient, yet the ones who get ahead are those with the smarts. Invariably these guys also have detachment. I hope you are not put off by my philosophical reflection here. Philosophy, its etymology "love of wisdom", is most helpful in our stressful, perilous times. This is how I should proceed in my life, no matter what they throw at me.

Once again I am running the risk of being sexist. But I am telling it like it is. It is called the facts of life which every boy and girl should learn when growing up. Many children enjoy playing doctor. My younger brother, our cousin, Jean, and I when we were eight or nine played doctor. It was a glorious summer day in Connecticut when we all took off our clothes and showed our private parts :-) Jean saw the hairless penis of my brother and mine and we saw her hairless cunt. It was so innocent. Not a pubic hair around.

That memory of youth and innocence when life without worries points back to those early years. I grew up a quintessential New England town complete with town green and white clapboard Congregational church. My hometown is set on a hill surrounded by hills, forests, lakes and rivers. Many people believe that it is God's country. Would that I had robust health when I was coming to age at age thirteen! But my uncle gave me a job delivering milk in and around town on Saturdays when school was in session and Mondays through Saturdays in the summer time. That regimen improved my health a great deal, but it was only when I went to college and had to walk outside between classes that I began finally to enjoy robust health. This robust health which continues to this day with a few exceptions.

Mostly every male, as I blogged many times, discovers his penis at a young age. He discovers that touching it produces an erection. Most boys soon discover masturbation almost instinctively as they approach adolescence. Sometimes a buddy or an boy older will initiate him into the pleasures of masturbation. And quite often an older male, perhaps an uncle or a family acquaintance or friend will be the teacher. My dad came of age in the early 1930's at a time when Victorian attitudes prevailed. His parents had an abhorrence of discussing sexual matters, so he was completely in the dark about the facts of life. My dad grew up on a diary farm, and it took a farmhand to instruct him on how to jack off. My dad was sixteen at the time. Unfortunately, and perhaps sadly, his parents discovered what they were doing, and the farmhand was let go.

It is a fact of life that the sexual organs of the male are visible and those of the female are pretty much hidden. Males are more apt to stimulate their sexual organs through masturbation than females. Male infant circumcision [RIC] makes things easier for males in that the foreskin is cut away. The glans is permanently visible and accessible. My glans has been a source of physical delight from my earliest years. I am sure this has been the experience of countless RIC'ed guys, especially those who are devoted masturbators. With females, it is different because the clitoris [the female counterpart to the male penis] is hidden pretty much by the clitoral hood. Hence many females are not apt to discover the pleasures of stimulating their clitoris through masturbation. I may have told you in an earlier post that I had several delightful chats on Yahoo IM with a doctor or anesthesiologist who practiced at a major hospital in Columbus, Ohio. This I believe was in early 2003 many guys from the old Yahoo Circlist were apt to chat in real time on masturbation and circumcision. He told me that although he worked 50 plus hours a week at his practice, he had time for sex with women. I could tell in our chats that he was an experienced lover whose lovemaking skills were enhanced when he was circumcised in his early 40's. He said that he knew several women who had been circumcised. I am not talking here about women in parts of the world who suffer female genital cutting in which all their external sexual organs, including their clitoris, are excised, often brutally. No, I am talking about about the excision of the clitoral hood, hoodectomy, so that the clitoris can be more visible. The good doctor explained that the sex life of such women had been enhanced through that procedure. Such women just love to stimulate their clit.

The last couple years, however, I have been so busy with my job that it is hard for me to have such chats because I have learned much from them. Which points me to another realization. I had described in a recent post that masturbation is a physical meditation upon your penis and what your penis can do for you. Likewise athletics, sports like running and swimming, are wonderful and beautiful for getting in touch with your entire body. Through masturbation and individual sports you gain powerful self-knowledge. But then there is the heat of athletic competition in which you are competing with other athletes, or even more so team sports, the physical camaraderie that one with other guys on a team. More so having sex with a partner. Sex if properly used is the means of deep bodily communication and communion. A good fuck, a coitus, in which a man takes his time in his fucking his wife or even a good female, gets her hot through foreplay, stimulating her breasts, clitoris, and other erogenous zones of her body, and has a good, leisurely fuck in driving her to orgasm time and time again before delivering his own orgasm and ejaculation of semen to her cervix. This is edging is all about, edging that a guy learns in the laboratory of masturbation, jacking off, beating his meat, and porking off!!! :-)

Likewise two gay guys and two lesbians getting it on. Both types of couples are apt to share their sexual experience as equals in coitus. But then one may be a teacher and the other a student, and visa versa. Also how many boys have been initiated into sex by an older, more experienced woman. This is the theme of the novel and movie, Mrs Robinson. Likewise quite a few boys have been initiated into sex as I said earlier by an older, more experienced male. These days such relations are labeled as sexual abuse, but I believe that there are many unreported stories, treasured memories hidden in the minds of countless males everywhere, when as teenagers engaging in sex with their buddies or perhaps with grown men. This is an undeniable fact of life, and those treasuring such memories look upon such even with unending love!

I am horny this morning. But my blogging along with playing with my jocked cock is just part of leisurely foreplay.

Take care.


Anonymous said...

Hello Thom, What a revealing essay. The thing about work is that one has to be there so many hours per day. I worked for a great organization: good bonus, 401K, vacation, medical, all the good benes, but the horrible, uncouth (yes, I use this word) that were also involved in the job picture. I know how influential the work factor has on a person's life. Why cannot a job be a learning, enhancing, rewarding part of our life on our earth? However, you seem reslient. I am going to go into further depth later by email, if you do not mind. I do not want to intrude. Always appreciating your outlook and information. Truly, Justin

Thom in DC said...

Hi Justin,

I got your message via Yahoo in the six p.m. hour earlier this evening. I went out to the neighborhood grocery store to do some shopping and then sit sipping coffee in a park near my apartment. I look forward to your e-mail. Take care.