Saturday, May 17, 2008

A Saturday morning walk here in Georgetown

HI guys,

I had to take an intermission out of my bating and this blog and go out to eat and shop here in Georgetown. This was at 9:30 a.m. because the streets of Georgetown were filling up fast with Saturday shoppers and visitors. This weekend is graduation weekend here in DC for several universities. So I wanted to finish all this by 12 noon. For once, we have delightful spring weather, although on the cool side. Rain will return tomorrow and continue through Tuesday.

Georgetown is known for its flower gardens. The roses and irises are in full bloom. One house had pots of columbines, absolutely beautiful. At the restaurant I sat at a table across the isle from a table taken by a star African American basket ball player and his white girlfriend. When they became familiar and physical in their affection, I moved to the counter near the front of the restaurant. I didn't want to get distracted by their intimacies.

I am wearing this morning a C-IN2 jockstrap underneath a pair of walk shorts and a navy blue Under Armour Heatgear Full T-shirt. This outfit felt real good. However my not masturbating to orgasm and ejaculation gave me a case of blue balls. This is a condition that many teens experience if they don't go all the way. Two very good articles on this subject:

Like many of my compatriots here in the USA, I have been very concerned about the developing situation economically and geopolitically with the sudden appearance of problems that have constellated themselves: escalating energy and food prices brought about by the falling US dollar and the cost of petroleum going through the roof. Sadly the Bush administration in its so-called "War on Terror" and Second Iraq War [which seems to going on for another hundred years, (recall the Hundred Years War between England and France during the late medieval ages)], all these problems have been exacerbated, not only here in the USA, but also around the world.

I realize that my ruminations in this entry are way outside the scope of this blog, but these thoughts were going through my time at the restaurant and walk throughout Georgetown earlier today. Many of the world's problems and those in workplaces mostly everywhere can be reduced to the exercise of power. Those in authority exercise great power. However it possible for such people not to have self-knowledge that is required for the correct, just exercise of power over underlings. Plus power can be addictive and it has aphrodisiac properties of even a sexual nature. History is replete with examples of nations and leaders, having power, want ever more power. I speak of those in authority who have little or no self-knowledge. That is dangerous enough. But there are those who do have self-knowledge, but misuse their power. That is truly malevolent, demonic, and evil!

However power, like energy, can be both creative and destructive. I suppose this is a fact of life--the cause and effect of power. I have lived and worked long enough to realize that while power exercised by a superior upon an underling can be destructive, the one holding power can be destroyed by the very power they possess. But few things are eternal. All things are transitory and temporary, and all must pass away. All tyrants in history are mortals. While all die, their memory in history often is eternal, although of a malevolent memory. Here I use the Hindu term of karma for which every action produces a reaction whether good or bad. Let all in authority who read this entry take my admonition to heart. But if they are of the Abrahamic religions, whether Christian, Muslim, or Jew, there is a Last Judgment during which those in authority will be more strictly and harshly judged. "To those to whom more is given, more will be exacted." I address this admonition not only to the world's national leaders, but also to all captains of industry and all managers.

The Good Lord has given us sexual organs for procreation. Most males [and many females] realize that there is power in the sexual impulse. When used rightly, sex is beautiful and creative. In the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony, sex is truly sacramental. Through the intimacy of love worked out physically in coitus, fucking, both partners are brought together in an union which transcends all the vicissitudes and trials of life, which is eternal. Ideally the union brought about in Holy Matrimony through coitus, fucking, brings children into the world. This is brought out in the Christian Nuptial Mass. But the sexual impulse, the power that is present in sexual expression, can be misused and destructive. Here we find occasions of all sorts of sexual abuse upon which we here in the USA these days are fixated. Rape is perhaps the most extreme type of sexual abuse because it is forced and unwanted sex by a superior aggressor. Rape from the mists of human history has even been used as a weapon of war in subjugating defeated countries and peoples.

Ever since September 11, 2001, a day one which millions of Americans and I lost our innocence, I have been deeply troubled. This malaise that I have felt for a very long time has spread to my dysfunctional workplace. I got my undergraduate degree in German Language and Literature. From my college years, I have had a fascination with German history and culture. However, since September 11, 2001, with the so-called terrorist attacks that day, I see many parallels with America of our day and Wilhelmine and Nazi Germany. One alarming parallel is the militarism which found its expression in our current "Wars on Terror" abroad and the establishment of the Dept. of Homeland Security [DHS] here. Heinrich Himmler, who founded and headed the Nazi German S.S. would be awed by the marvels of modern-day advances in surveillance through massive computer databases here and the Internet.

Again in the wake of all this, it pays to be detached through the practice of philosophy and the reading of history. The last week or so I have been dipping into Oswald Spengler's magisterial two volume work, The Decline of the West. It created a stir in Germany after its defeat in World War I. I find his work helpful in dealing in the craziness of our times and that found in my workplace.

Take care.

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