Sunday, May 18, 2008

More pics: Let your penis take over!

Hi guys,

There is that sweet ache this afternoon in my glans which goes down the shaft of my RIC'ed penis to my prostate, testicles, and associative male organs. I haven't jacked off successfully in more than two weeks. The experienced masturbator learns from trial and error over the years what makes for a successful bate session. The beautiful thing about masturbation as I have said many times in my blog already is that it put you directly in touch with your body. As a guy gets older, he learns to postpone the ultimate pleasure that is found in a shattering orgasm that accompanies his ejaculation of semen. As I said in previous posts, most young males when they reaching sexual maturity in adolescence in achieving that very first successful orgasm and ejaculation of semen, it feels so good that they want to do it again and again. Well that is what sex is all about. Fucking when done properly is one of the most pleasurable things in the world for a man and yes, for many women. It is because the Good Lord made fucking so pleasurable for the purpose of procreation. But we humans through our social mores and religious ethical codes and practices have made sex shameful and dirty which is a terrible misfortune. Yes, there are boundaries that we all must observe, such as being naked or masturbating or fucking in public. Yes, those boundaries have to be observed. But all this produces terrible burdens of guilt on many humans.

So teenage boys (perhaps younger) passing over the threshold of sexual expression into mature manhood learn very quickly to hide their masturbation activities or do them as quickly as possible. Hence many guys if they are not careful are apt to pick up the tendency for premature ejaculation. Premature ejaculation along with erectile dysfunction is the bane of today's marriages. However, many males as they get older learn through masturbation how to time their orgasms and ejaculations. Edging, riding the edge of threshold of ejaculatory inevitability (I'm going to cum!!!) is the technique for learning this control. Marathon masturbation sessions, with lots of edging, are perhaps described as an experienced surfer riding the waves of sexual excitement of which that threshold, ejaculatory inevitability is all about. Hence imagine that you are making a rich milkshake. Through marathon masturbation, with lots of edging, you are preparing for yourself a rich, creamy milkshake of semen, the ingredients of which are churning in your testes, epididymis, seminal vesicles, ampullae, cowpers, and prostate when beating your meat, stroking your cock, or jacking off. It produces electric charge of sexual excitement that runs back and forth between your glans and prostate, as your turn your crank on your cream separator. The longer a guy does this, the richer his semen will be, the more forceful his ejaculation will be, the more pleasurable his orgasm will be. It is like his entire being one enormous penis delivering its load as he porks off!

Sexual impotence in the male along with premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction is a BIG problem at least here in the USA. Clinics for treatments of those conditions have been established in recent years. I suppose they all arise from our all too hectic workplaces and the stress of modern life. A good antidote for all this is for you to get into touch with your body through masturbation. Have a date with yourself. Spend quality time with your penis. Just tell him how much you love and appreciate him along with his two bro testicles by this very fact that makes you male. Celebrate this. He may reward you with an erection. It happens very often you are in good health, this concrete working out of horniness and randiness. But then we have our physicians and sex therapists to help us along too.

Invariably when you spend quality time with your penis, he will often take over. He will become once again a teacher and guide in the art and science of male sexual expression, of which masturbation is a primary part for males of all ages. The instruction and guidance you receive from your one-eyed buddy will spill over and enhance the sex you have with your significant other.

I now enter the portion of this entry in which I will give a running commentary of the pics that I have posted there. I begin with two circumcised penises stirring from the underwear of their owners. This is how I felt when I got up this morning about 6:20 a.m. My RIC'ed penis was stirring in my Munsingwear Roos. It felt so good this stirring in my loins, my RIC'ed cock getting hard and a load of cum churning in my balls and prostate. The first guy pictured has a classic high and tight circ with a tantalizing flanged glans. That is how my penis looked this morning upon rising. The second guy is letting his hardening circed cock out of his briefs. Millions of guys do that the world over every morning. This guy's penis has an awesome circumcision scar and his glans is impressive.

The third pic is one of my favorites, an awesomely high and tight circed penis with a nicely cleaved, flared glans, large meatus. The owner of this cock takes good care of his male sexual apparatus in keeping his nuts freshly shaved and his pubic bush very much trimmed. Judging from his erection which aims for the skies, he is in perfect, robust health. Perhaps he is in twenties in that pic.

Next is a pic of an uncut penis of a guy who shared his pic with me over IRC New Year's Eve sometimes in the mid to late 1990's. He is wearing a cock ring in that pic and his foreskin is mostly retracted revealing a shiny, beautiful glans. Our chat on IRC was rather erotic, unfortunately it was the only time I remember seeing him there.

Next in line are some awesome pics circumcised black penises. The first guy has a high and tight circ and his frenulum is excised thus giving him a flanged glans. The second black guy has an impressive high and tight circ capped by a flanged, mushroom glans. The third black guy has an uneven circumcision scar, again with a fat glans. Yum!!!

Then come two guys with their circed penises jutting out. The first guy has a glans perfectly shaped for inserted and the second guy has an impressive knob.

Finally two pics of guys beating their meat. The first guy has a classic masturbatory grip on his fat, circumcised cock. And wow his fat, mushroom glans. And last, but not least, a guy with an impressive circumcised penis, beautifully cleaved glans, in the throes of ejaculating his semen!

And just now, a few minutes, later I ejaculated a rich, creamy load of semen, two weeks worth. It felt so good. Now I am ready for the work week. Take care.

P.S. written Wednesday evening, May 21

I apologize for many pics posted in this entry not displaying. Just click on the slender rectangles and they will appear.


circumcised.aussie said...

I just love the first (top) picture in this series, the sight of an erect and what appears to be a very tightly circumcised penis straining to make its self visible above the waist band of his underpants.

This photo embodies pretty much everything that is great about the circumcised male figure and would be nowhere as exciting or erotic if he was uncut.

Thom in DC said...

Hi Nigel,

Most likely the guy pictured probably had one or more nocturnal erections while asleep and perhaps woke up with the beginnings of another hardon. I agree heartily with you that circumcision enhances immeasurably a guy's penis in both appearance and function.

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!